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    I was just wondering if you guys knew of some graduate programs designed along the lines of Excelsior's B.A. and/or Herriot Watt's MBA, in that credit is given by passing exams. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Charles Sturt University offers the following IT related programs which allow up to half the requirements to be fulfilled by IT certifications.

    The programs are; Master of Information Systems Security, Master of Database Design and Management, Master of Systems Development, Master of Networking and Systems Administration, and Master of Management (Information Technology).

    Aspen University has an MBA/Project Management and a Master of Science in ITwhich each allow for up to 9 credits (1/4th of the program) to be completed with IT related certifications (PMP and MCSE). Aspen also has a Credit by Exam method of gaining credit in a specific course. A CBE, in my experience, is not multiple choice, it's either made up of many questions similar to the normal course work (but a great deal more questions and much less time to complete) or some type of essay or project based on the course. The total CBE + Cert credits are limited by the transfer policy of the school which is currently 18 credits.

    The UNACCREDITED EC-Council University takes EC-Council Certifications such as the Ethical Hacker in place of all courses except the two graduation project courses.
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    I understand there are some schools that offer generous credit transfer options, but I had always thought that graduate credit should demonstrate new material that is learned. That would contradict testing out of graduate classes.
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    If you use the CLEP principle of previously learned knowledge, it would contradict testing out- but I think when the OP used the HW example, he implied that he would be willing to learn something new :)
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    I am definately willing to learn something new. Infact I would prefer something along the lines of HW. exams or papers are fine with me. The big thing is that I don't want to have to much of an artificial time constraint on starting and finishing the classes (e.g. class A starts in January for the spring semester and must be completed by June).
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    You may be well served by looking at Graduate degrees that allow online independant studying (e.g. no 'hard' timelines)


    Unless I am mistaken, Basketweaver on the is jamming through a MBA at CalCoast very quickly doing this type of thing.

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    Aspen has deadlines for all courses. The independent courses do not have specific deadlines for individual work but everything must be completed for the course within 10 weeks for the independent mode. You can go faster, but not slower.
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    Just to clarify, you don't "test-out" of Heriot-Watt courses like a CLEP. You still have to sign up for the course, then at the end, you are given a "test."

    But if you are looking for programs that are self-paced, assessment by exam or paper, I would look around at other UK universities like University of Leicester.
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    Actually, students taking Independent mode courses at Aspen can extend their time to completion out to a maximum of 12 weeks.

    - Tom
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    Good to know, I've never asked.

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