Credit at TESC or EC for Prior Teaching Experience?

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    Since there are so many educators here, I thought this was a good place to ask for help. Has anyone been able to get credit for prior teaching through TESC or EC? When I talked to EC about it year or so ago, they said I would have to complete their portfolio process which was expensive and no guarantee of credit. The counselor advised it would be faster and cheaper to just test out, which I did. Now I'm considering a new avenue but I would have to take classes that I have been teaching for 10 years at RA community colleges. Someone told me that TESC will give credit fairly easily for courses taught by just presenting documentation. No portfolio required. I couldnt' get any more specifics than that and TESC hasn't responded to my email request.

    I have never attended TESC and I would just want to get these on a transcript and then send the transcript to the school I will be enrolling in for the specialized program. Would I have to fully enroll in TESC to get this done or could I just use their credit bank then have a transcript sent?

    This could help me avoid paying $500 per exam to challenge some of these courses or paying $1300 each to take these classes. I'm looking at using this method for at 4-6 classes, so the cost could really add up. I have taught these classes for 10 years and have 20+ years of actual work experience to back this up along with multiple certifications through the years. There just has to be a smarter, faster, less expensive way than taking all these classes. Any suggestions and input is greatly appreciated!
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    Yes! I earned 27 credits this way at TESC. In a nutshell, any undergraduate courses that you teach at a RA college for credit as the sole instructor can count as long as you don't have them on your transcript.
    In my case, my degree that got me the teaching job was from a NA college, so essentially every course I taught counted since my NA credits didn't get taken by TESC. You will need proof of employment from your college, as well as a catalog course descriptions and dates. Easy enough to produce, my HR department did it for me. NOTHING from the CE, professional, adult ed, or non credit counts.

    Oh, two other things, you only get credit per course, not per section, so if you've taught English 101 full time for 100 years, it's still only 3 credits. AND, the best part, it's 100% free. They don't charge anything! No portfolio and certainly no per credit fee.
    At the time of my application to TESC (07 or 08) EC didn't offer this option, which is the reason I picked TESC. I don't know if they have opened it up yet or not, but hth, because TESC does for sure. I wouldn't pay fr a portfolio assessment though, that's $$$.

    *this paperwork is not in the catalog but the policy is. You'll have to call and ask for the paperwork to submit "credit for courses taught" and you'll get it sent to you. I had to talk to the dean of the college of arts and science. I worked 1 on 1 with his assistant through the process. The whole process was quick, I think a month or so, and they don't process a lot of these, so some people may be clueless. Skip the email and call.

    P.S. yes, you would have to enroll.
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