Credit at Excelsior from Penn Foster

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    Credit at Excelsior from Penn Foster

    I spoke with Penn Foster today. They said that for $55 per credit I can take individual courses through them. You do the work 100% online and then take a proctored exam. Proctored by anyone, except a family member, that is open book.

    Has anyone done this?

    I realize that I have to make sure the course is ACE evaluated. They have the following ACE evaluated courses that I think I can apply to my degree:

    English Comp (Comp & Rhetoric)
    Information Literacy
    Art Appreciation
    Music Appreciation
    Readings in World Civ.

    13 credits X $55 = $715

    Am I hearing this right? Excelsior will take this credit. All the work in these courses is open book? Talk to me people!
  2. ShotoJuku

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    Yes, I just did it last month with Technical Mathematics 1 (Algebra). I paid $110.00 for the PFC course that was listed as 2 credits (2 x 55 = 110) but was given THREE CREDITS at Excelsior as the current course was ACE reviewed to be worth 3 credits.

    Nevertheless - ALWAYS get prior APPROVAL from your EC Academic Advisor FIRST!!

    Good Luck!!
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    I don't think the Penn Foster Info. Lit. class will work. Excelsior requires that to get credit for any Info. Lit. credit transferred in, it must match the same material as the 5 or 6 modules that Excelsior's class has.

    You should compare the two and check with an E.C. advisor to make sure.

    Don't know about the others.....
  4. Mundo

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    That's right. My wife is a student at Penn Foster and we are both very impressed with the overall program; excellent customer service, very well structured courses, and challenging examinations.

    I am a student at California Coast University,, and they too have an open book testing system. However, make no mistake, open book examinations can be very challenging. As a former B&M student I can tell you that the emphasis on most traditional programs is on memorization with comprehension of the subject being also important.

    My experience (and my wife's) is that the open book system emphazises comprehension and an in depth understanding of the subject with memorization being of lesser importance. The result, great understanding of the course and a well rounded learning experience.

    For these reasons I highly recommend Penn Foster for your academic persuits.

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    I second everything that has been said here. I have been a Penn Foster student for about a year now. I'm enrolled in their AS in Marketing degree program. The experience has been outstanding. You can read more about it by searching this message board for "My studies at Education Direct" or by reading the blog in my signature line.
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    How does the "Proctor" deal work?

    MGKRILL New Member



    Yes ecxelsior will except PennFoster credit as long as it has been evaluated by ACE . I have transfered approx 50 credits to EC from Pennfoster

    However PennFoster no longer offers the Comp & Rhetoric course and there English Comp course hasn't been evaualted by ACE. niether has there Information Literacy course. They won't except these courses I tried.

    Your proctor has to have a degree and has to been approved by PennFoster. They mail the test to your proctor he mails it back . The proctor has to give the school his/her contact information (in case they want to check) sign the exam saying he watched you take it in the givin time frame.. which is normal 1 hour per course
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  9. bceagles

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    I went through the Penn Foster Catalog and found some courses that I might be able to take and transfer into EC. I would love to get some feedback on the level of difficulty of the following Penn Foster courses:

    # Course Name Prereq Ace Credits
    BUS121 Economics I None 3
    BUS122 Economics II None 3
    EET101 Fundamentals of Electricity None 2
    ENG115 Intro to Literature None 3
    ENG122 Technical Writing None 3
    ENG124 Applied Research Skills None 2
    FIN101 Financial Management None 3
    HSP122 Nutrition & Menu Planning None 1
    HSP245 Hospitality Law Ins None 3
    HSP250 Hospitality Marketing & Advertising None 3
    HUM102 Art Appreciation None 3
    HUM104 Music Appreciation None 3
    MKT101 Principles of Marketing None 3
    MKT210 Advertising Principles None 3
    MKT220 Consumer Behavior None 3
    MKT240 Retail Management None 3
    MAT160 Business Statistics Math for Bus & Fin 3
    SCI140 Nutrition None 2
    SSC105 Readings in World Civilization None 3

    Also, if anyone can share with me their experiences in regard to choosing a proctor. The only person of I can think of to Proctor me is a friend of mine who is a senior at a 4yr RA college. Will they let him proctor my exam? Any other bumps in the road with Penn Foster I should know about?
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  11. triggersoft

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    P.S.: Are those PennFoster courses ALL "lower level" credits with Excelsior, or are there also upper level ones?
  12. pugbelly

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    1) Where are you getting the Penn Foster catalog?
    2) Depending on what you need, Penn Foster offers many more ACE evaluatd courses that will transfer..I believe 135 or so.
    3) I'm using the CFO at my job as my proctor. A librarian would work, your boss, clergy, etc.

  13. Tarbuza

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    Charter Oak - English Composition

    Does Penn Foster offer any courses that satisfy to Charter Oak - English Composition with Essay (6 Credits) requirements?
  14. pugbelly

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    Re: Charter Oak - English Composition

    No. Your best bet would be to take the CLEP w/Essay. InstaCert finally has a test prep cirriculum for this's probably worth a shot.


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