Counselor Education/School Counselor programs?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking about pursuing the school counselor degree. I have a Masters in Education and my teaching license already. State requires that I have a degree from a program in school counselor education. I don't know if they also offer something like that at the PhD level. Since I already have my Masters it would be nice to get the school counselor degree but also a PhD so I can up my pay on the payscale. I'm in Texas. Any suggestions appreciated!

  2. krainey

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    Take a look at Univ of West Alabama ( have several options in School Counseling.
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    Liberty University has a Phd in Counseling, but it does require residencies:

    Regent University has an Ed.D in Character Education, there is a guidance counselor in my district who is working on this program:

    NOVA Southeastern University has a School Psychology program:

    Please note that these programs are hybrids and require some sort of residency.

    You should also check with your licensure office, at times some universities in your state may offer the necessary courses so that you can become a school counselor. I know that here in NC they have programs that allow for master degree holders and employees in education to take the necessary courses to become certified guidance counselor. You also have to take the Praxis 2 test in Counseling. Lastly you may want to see if your state has reciprocity with another state, which may make it easier to obtain certification.

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