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    I've been searching for what seems like forever for a counseling certification. Not a degree in psychology, but something shorter and not as involved. Technically, there are no legal or educational requirements to become a counselor/therapist, but I'd like some sort of certification. Could be general counseling or something specialized, like crisis or addiction counseling.

    Everything I've found is either a degree or by a school that's rather... questionable.

    Any suggestions or ideas on where to look?
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    Not sure were your getting your information but there are educational and legal requirements for someone to become a counselor. Educationally speaking most state require 60 graduate credit hours without courses in certain areas in order to become licensed there are a few states that require 48 but those are few and far between anymore. I think you should spend more time finding out what it requires to become a counselor and then make the decision later as it sounds like you are not completely aware of state requirements. Here is a good place to start:

    National Board for Certified Counselors and Affiliates, Inc.
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    Hmmm... No. You're talking about becoming a licensed counselor. I'm talking about the kind of counselor that volunteers to help abused women or in addiction clinics. I know in many states in the US you can become a counselor (this type of counselor I'm mentioning) with just on-the-job training. Again, not a licensed practitioner or anything. Imagine something like a lifestyle coach or similar --You don't need a certification or license for that either.

    Certificate Programs Offered by Christian Leadership University (but this is Christian-based and I'm looking for something not connected with religion)

    Grief & Bereavement Counseling Online Courses - Stonebridge Associated Colleges UK - Distance
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    Just tell everyone that you're a Life Coach. You'll make more money than a counselor and have no state licensing requirements or code of ethics to follow! You win! ;)
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    I posted an answer to this early on but it's not showing up (?) In any case, licensing is only required for "true" counselors, who work in fields similar to therapists/psychologists. I'm talking about counseling courses like the ones offered here:

    Add www at the beginning and .html at the end. For some reason I'm now allowed to post complete links.
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    This will not work in the State of Alabama!
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    OK, but I didn't think that you needed a cert in order to become a volunteer. Do you?
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    I'm not sure if anything like that exists. If it does, you would most likely need to go through a certification process involving either a masters degree, graduate certificate, or extensive supervised training. Similar to becoming a drug and alcohol counselor in many states. Also, you should check with your state to make sure that it is legal to market your self as a "counselor" without a license as a mental health/professional counselor, social worker, psychologist, member of clergy, etc.
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    Way to go Alabama!
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    ETA: double post
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    You don't, but I would like to get one anyway.
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    If you are going to be a volunteer counselor, most organizations will have their own certification and training process for you to go through. A common example are emergency counseling hot lines. I recommend contacting whoever you would like to volunteer for in order to find out what they require.
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    I'm moving to Europe in a few months. I've talked to a few organizations there and I was asked if I had experience or a certification. When I said "neither," one of the organizations recommended I took a "counseling course." Long story why/how/etc. but I still would like to take one. I understand the pros and cons of taking a course of this kind over the internet. I still want to locate one.
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    University of the Pacific: Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate
    Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate Program - University of the Pacific

    Bellevue College: Certification as a Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP)
    Alcohol & Drug Counseling Certificate Requirements - Bellevue College

    University of South Dakota: Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Studies
    Online Certificates in Alcohol & Drug Studies - USD

    Union College: Chemical Dependency Certificate
    Chemical Dependency Certification | Union College Online | Union College Online

    UMass-Boston: Addictions Counselor Education Program Certificate
    UMass Boston | Programs in Addictions Counselor Education | Addictions Counselor Education Certificate

    University of North Carolina Online (East Carolina University): Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling
    University of North Carolina Online: Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling - Graduate Certificate program

    University of Cincinnati: Graduate Certificate in Substance Abuse Prevention
    Substance Abuse Prevention « School of Human Services

    University of the West Indies: Certificate in Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
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    Thank you! This is exactly what I needed!

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    As a licensed counselor, I have significant issues with individuals without licenses and appropriate education "deeming" themselves as a counselor. There are several, non-legit, for profit certifications for individuals who wants to pretend to be counselors. Some states do allow unlicensed counselors to obtain certification is chemical dependency counseling- so you may want to check with your state on this.

    If you want to be a counselor, you will need to complete a masters and obtain a clinical license- anything else, you are a life coach.

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