Could I get AA degree at one school before I start BA school this fall?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by skirtlet, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. skirtlet

    skirtlet New Member

    I'm looking for an associate's mostly for the sake of feeling like I"m moving forward, but also want to do it if it's cheap. It would feel like progress and also add a degree to my eventual degrees earned. I haven't seen many jobs that require an AA/AS or would care about one, but I still want one if it's affordable. I would only do it if it were 12-18 credits left and a quick degree to earn.
  2. skirtlet

    skirtlet New Member

    This is one of the main reasons I want it. I've had such a hard/impossible time trying to get my BA over the years that I want some/any degree now. If it takes me a long time to get my BA from NYU, I at least would have an AA/AS to hold me over.
  3. skirtlet

    skirtlet New Member

    Thanks, that's an interesting thing to hear how rare they are on resumes. I plan to eventually get an MA, but want an AA/AS if it's cheap just in case getting a BA takes a few years. I also worry that something will happen to deter my BA, so an AA/AS feels like a backup plan. I figured an AA/AS might look nice on a resume even if I get a BA and MA one day, so that's good to know it's mostly disregarded after a BA.
  4. skirtlet

    skirtlet New Member

    Thanks, I'm having a hard time giving up NYU since it's been my dream school for 15 years. I have been wondering if it's really worth the extra years though. If I get an MA, it would be self-pay at some random local school like Cameron University I'm guessing. I've always thought having a top tier to your name would help someone get started in their careers, but I might have just thought that because high school teachers pushed that thought.
  5. skirtlet

    skirtlet New Member

    I applied to Pierpont this week and hope I would only have a few classes to get a degree. I really would like to say I'm a college graduate soon, even if I get a BA eventually. If it's quick and cheap enough, I like the idea of having some degree to my name quick.
  6. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Active Member

    If you would like, post the credits you already have and I'll take a look to see how close I think you are to getting the Pierpont degree.
  7. Vonnegut

    Vonnegut Active Member

    A top tier academic credential is always a benefit and certainly can help someone’s career get started. How much of a benefit and early career boost is the question, for some it’s minimal and others it is exceptional. Lot of benefits though are derived from the faculty connections, networking, and alumni. It’s why some smaller institutions can have powerhouse schools/departments and also why some people, even with the pedigree degree, don’t find a significant advantage.

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