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    My goal is to complete the degree as quickly as possible, although I would also prefer a degree applicable to my work if possible. I am currently enrolled at TESU pursuing a Liberal Arts degree, however I still have 16 classes to take to finish it up. I have talked to an advisor at Charter Oak and am considering switching to their interdisciplinary degree (Security and EMS management). Below is a summary of the credits I currently have, and a brief summary of my conversations with COSC. I am hoping someone on this forum has experience and advise with COSC and if I am figuring out this correctly. Thank you

    18 graduate level credits in Security Management (ACE credits for CPP certification)
    4 credits lower level in Security Administration (Ohio University)
    21 credits lower level in Fire Protection (CCBC)
    24 credits lower level in Emergency Medical Technology (CCBC)
    21 credits lower level in Emergency Management (Frederick Community College for FEMA courses)

    3 credit Corporate Communications – Saylor Academy (ACE)
    3 credit Intro to Comparative Politics – Saylor Academy (ACE)
    3 credit Intro to Political Science – Saylor Academy (ACE)
    2 credit UL Ethics course – CPCU code of professional conduct (ACE)
    1 credit speech or oral communications – Dale Carnegie (ACE)
    1 credit Fire Service Supervision – NFA (ACE)
    1 credit Community Safety Educator – NFA (ACE)
    1 credit Developing Effective Teams – Sophia (ACE)
    3 credits Perspectives on the World Christian Movement – NCCRS
    3 credits Technical Writing – TESU
    2 credits Intro to Portfolio Development – TESU
    1 credit Intro to Prior Learning Assessment - TESU
    3 credit Eng 101 – CCBC
    3 credits Eng 102 – CCBC
    3 credits Tech math – CCBC
    3 credits Intro to Computers- CCBC
    3 credits Exploration of nature and society – CCBC
    3 credits Psy 101- CCBC
    3 credits Spe 101- CCBC
    4 credits Anatomy and Physiology – CCBC
    3 credits Medical Terminology – CCBC

    In talking with COSC they stated that I would be a good candidate for combining my Security, Fire Protection, and EMS credits into an area of study for the Interdisciplinary degree. Something along the lines of Security and EMS Management or something similar. I would prefer this degree over a Liberal Arts degree. They will not perform a formal assessment until after I apply and am accepted. I should be able to meet most or all of my area of concentration with the credits I already have. COSC would also utilize my FEMA courses as well, so it appears that I would need to take significantly less credits with them.

    COSC degree
    Written Communications 6 credits – fulfilled with Eng 101 and 102
    Oral Communications 3 credits – fulfilled with Spe 101
    Info Literacy 3 credits – needed, but will be fulfilled by either the required Cornerstone or Capstone course
    Ethical Decision-Making 3 credits – Would my ethics course fulfil this even though its only 2 credits?
    US history/Government 3 credits– needed
    Non-U.S. history or culture 3 credits – not sure if Perspectives course would fulfil this requirement?
    Global Understandings 3 credits – fulfilled with intro to Comparative Politics
    Literature and fine arts 3 credits – needed
    Social/Behavioral Sciences 3 credits - Fulfilled with Psy 101
    Math 3 credits – fulfilled with Technical math
    Natural Sciences 7 credits – 4 credits fulfilled with A&P

    Liberal arts requirements 60 or 90 credits required depending if it is a BA or BS degree. Does anyone know if a Degree in General Studies with a concentration in Interdisciplinary studies would be a BA or BS? 40 credits fulfilled completed

    Area of Concentration - hopefully fulfilled with current credits

    UL credits – 20 credits already completed. 10 credits needed.
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    You're not going to get more accurate advice about a specific plan at Charter Oak from anyone than from Charter Oak itself. I'm on the Alumni Association Board of Directors and my own son is now at Charter Oak, and even when I helped him put together a plan there were still one or two things that didn't occur to me. It sounds like they could be a great solution for you, so I'd say do the application process and know for sure!

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