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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by JoshD, Jun 10, 2021.

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    It's not bar qualifying, so at that price, why do it even if it's from a well regarded school?
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    It helps to let people know an individual is an Ivy League school material. :D
  4. JoshD

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    Based on their website, I guess it is aimed at folks who do not want to practice law but need to know law in their professions. Honestly, I have no idea why someone would want a law type degree without being able to sit for the bar but…I guess there are those folks.
  5. SteveFoerster

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    1. Get admitted.
    2. Don't enroll.
    3. Frame the acceptance letter.
    4. Save sixty grand. ;)
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    Haha something I would do
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  7. Vonnegut

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    Several very well respected universities are doing similar programs and from what I understand, the programs have been home runs. Understand the question on why study law without going for the bar; but there’s a lot of value there for managers and other professionals, equally valuable as an MBA in many cases.
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  8. Dustin

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    I'm not in the field either, but my understanding is that MLS programs (including those in general law, compliance, contract law, etc.) are a mix of first-year and second-year law courses. They are cash cows for the universities, and the graduates - like a 2nd year law student - generally leave with an improved understanding of the theory but no way to apply it.

    There's been some negative and neutral opinions online:
    I wouldn't get one, but if I worked in a law-adjacent field maybe it would be useful.
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  9. JoshD

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    Great information! I have noticed Northwestern and Cornell are just a couple of top law schools with MSLS online offerings. Although I do not understand the application of the degree, it is encouraging seeing top-tier universities begin to offer online degree programs.

    From the very little research I have done, it seems these programs are great for those who may be interested in a role in compliance or another law/regulation heavy department within their company.
  10. Futuredegree

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    It would be nice if they had a bridge program where you complete the masters in legal studies and you are able to gain admissions into the law school to complete the JD with a certain amount of credits if not all of them transferring towards the JD degree
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