Cool Program of the Moment: University of North Dakota, Online M.S. in Space Studies

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Tom Head, Feb 2, 2001.

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    UND is considering launching (no pun intended) an online Doctorate, as an extention of the Master of Science program. UND's program relates more to history and administration of space programs, versus pure science.

    There are two other completely distance Master of Science in Astronomy programs of which I'm aware, both Australian.

    Swinburne University has a program which they descibe up front as not intended to train research astronomers. That is at .

    University of Western Sidney Nepean has a very attractive program which includes a bigger research component than Swinburne's, and presently is where I intend to go after I finish my Bachelor. See their program at .

    Unisa, of course, has had a distance Master of Science in astronomy program for years, but you _might_ be required to travel to Pretoria for a practical observing run and/or thesis defense, even though the opinions of postgraduate Unisa students that have posted or emailed me contradict this. See theirs at .

    Mark A. Sykes
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    Marvelous! I knew they were in the process of firing up a Ph.D. program in space studies, but did not know it would be available online. Do you know offhand if there are going to be any residency requirements?

    Thanks, Mark; I wasn't aware of either of them, and it's great to know they're out there.

    Take it easy!


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    If I recall, there is acually a minimal residency requirement for the Master of Science. Students work collaboratively on a common project, then meet at the UND campus for a one week long series of meetings and presentations.

    The Doctorate is still just on the drawing board, but it would be reasonable to expect an appearance for dissertation defense.

    The out-of-state fees and total cost of tuition is what's driving me down under for my astronomy degree; now if only my beloved Ohio State University would follow UND's example and offer their academics online.

    Mark A. Sykes
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    I too have a strong interest in Astronomy and have been considering the DL opportunities therein - at both the Masters and Ph.D. level. (I'm currently completing a grad degree in business via DL at Capella since that pays the bills, but I plan to begin an Astronomy masters next year after Capella). All three you mention look very good. I like Swinburn a lot because they offer more coursework titles that are in line with what one would expect at the graduate level. My undergrad degree is in Physics but I have no preconceived notion that a Swinburn degree will get me into some astronomy research position. This will be more for personal interest and satisfaction. And the cost is very attractive.

    A Ph.D. in Space Studies from U of ND would be very interesting indeed. I like the broad range of coursework in their MS (and hopefully Ph.D.) programs. I've often thought of a second career in Space Science (maybe in about 10 years when I'm 50) as an educator, or lobbyist, or policy think-tank fellow, or employee within a space comercialization company, etc.

    I agree with your comment about Ohio State. I'd like to see more of these schools offering grad study (even BS degree's) in astronomy via DL. I sat through some grad coursework in astronomy at Penn State on campus several years ago but my travel schedule prevents me from attending any campus classes.

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