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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Felipe C. Abala, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. Felipe C. Abala

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    The Education Advising Center of the US Consulate in Dubai contains this text:
    Distance learning

    Distance learning means studying and getting your degree without having to
    attend the majority of courses on a university campus. Distance learning can either be done by correspondence, or CD-ROMs, or audios, or videos, or online course work or by the combination of more than one method. Some
    U.S. universities allow the student to complete all his studies and exams
    without having to travel to the United States. Others request that the
    student travels to attend some courses or to sit for the exams on campus.
    When searching for a distance-learning program, it is best to find a
    regionally accredited university that offer this program. For information
    on regionally accredited institutions offering distance learning programs,
    please visit the Petersons website on:

    Try to click the link and you'll find "Breyer State University". Note: I accessed this link now (10 June at 1:55 AM UAE time).

    The consulate's page promotes distance education with the institutions accredited by the 6 Regional Accrediting bodies in the US, and never mentioned DETC. It promotes instead.

    Could anyone in this board visit the site and see the links from there, and please say your comments on this.

    I am not a US citizen but I'm pursuing a degree through a DETC institution. It offends me to know that a US government agency (Consulate) fails to promote its own government authorized educational institutions (DETC and its accredited schools), but can freely advertise another organization, which promotes a shady institution.
  2. Felipe C. Abala

    Felipe C. Abala New Member

    Please note that the banner ads at petersons are changing. I just noticed it when I went back to the same page. It's on the upper right corner of the page just below the menu bar, along with other names such as Capella, Norwich, etc.
  3. decimon

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    To be honest, that looks like someone's best effort at being informative in a concise manner. If you'd like changes made then I'd suggest that you forward to them your objections in the form of suggestions. That is usually the best first step. You may get a satisfactory response or you may not but I believe helpful suggestion to be the best first step or, perhaps, gambit.

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