Concordia to offers Taekwondo program

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Abner, Sep 22, 2006.

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    Re: Re: Concordia to offers Taekwondo program

    Ha ha! :p
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    Yep - proctored learning concept! You break the boards/bricks, (include the blood samples from sparring, if applicable) and mail them to your instructor with a signed statement from your authorized witness/victim for promotion. :D

    Seriously though (DL or not), this is a neat program. It sounds like a comprehensive look at the art as well as practical education for those wanting to instruct as well as run a successful martial arts studio/business.

    One of my kids, oddly enough, is equally devoted to his studies in Mechanical Engineering and Soo Bahk Do (another Korean martial art), about to test for Dan (or "Black Belt" in most arts), and doing very well in both. Nice to know he has other career options. :)

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    Re: Re: Concordia to offers Taekwondo program

    :) He he he

    All kidding aside, there are distance learning programs up to and beyond Black Belt. Individuals are told to video tape certain forms, defense techniques, etc.

    I prefer to promote students the old fashioned way, in person. Of course, I am viewed as to tough because I still follow the "Old" ways. I promote Black Belts very seldom, but I am proud of that fact. I want my Black Belts to be good persons, but at the same can survive on the "no rules" streets when necessary.

    But I digress. I gotta finish my coffee, then put up some metal penals on the side of our patio cover. YIPEEEE! :)

    Abner :)

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