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    Good Morning America!

    Maybe you should contact Good Morning America . They might include you in their now postponed program regarding degree mills. I am sure the Liberian educational la cosa nostra/mafia would love that publicity!! Hope the segment has not yet aired!
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    LCMS, WELS, and Concordia Mequon DL

    Uncle J

    When I enrolled at Concordia Univeristy Mequon's DL MS program in clinical psychology I didn't know much about the LCMS. I figured one protestant denomination is generally the same as any other. However, some of my clergy friends in other denominations semi-jokingly kept telling me that the LCMS can be ... er .... a bit ... um... "starchy" "nit picky" and "stiff" "ultraconservative" and "uptight." So I had some trepidation after starting since I chose DL grad training since it offers greater flexability.

    However, in practice, I found the school to be quite flexable, open to bending rules for distance learning students, and I even got a couple course extensions without having to jump through hoops. Altogether, my experience at Concordia Mequon, the "crown jewel" of Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Concordia system, was that it was highly "user friendly". I had nothing but wonderful and supportive experiences! I had no snafu's whatsoever and encountered no problems during my course of study. The research oversight committee could have made my thesis a nightmare given it was a DL degree and involved human subjects. They could have nit-picked me to death. Never happened, I suppose that one can not always judge an educational institution in terms of denominational affiliation. I was so pleased with my experience that whenever I see the Concordia name misused it really really really bothers me! The only other legitimate Concordia I know about is a non-Lutheran one in Canada. Interestingly, Concordia Mequon was featured prominantly in a recent Washington Times series on the huge enrollment growth of conservative christian colleges and schools as compared to more liberal institutions.
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    Re: LCMS, WELS, and Concordia Mequon DL

    Hi Chris:

    I am glad that your experience at the "other" Lutheran school in Mequon was happy and productive. As to its being the crown jewel of the Concordia system, I dunno, but I would put it well ahead of the Concordias in Ann Arbor or River Forest in terms of quality.

    Yes, there are several colleges/universities and two seminaries affiliated with the LCMS or LCC which use the name "Concordia", as well as one affiliated with the ELCA.

    It would indeed be a shame if these reputable schools were confused with junk like the topic of this thread or even the minor junk of the silly mill seminary which uses the name Concordia.

    Best wishes to you.


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