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    I've been looking for Online US. College education for some weeks, so far University of the People(which only has Deac, National Acreditation) has come as an interesting option. Here the CS Curriculum

    As for my personal interests, I'm would like to get into Game Studies & Data Science for cognitive sciences; so I actually would like to get a bit into academics, a thing that UoP doesn't offer.

    Thing is, I'm really in need to reduce costs, therefore UoP seems to be a good call. since I eve able to apply for financial aid there without major trouble (Associate degree would cost me less than $1k); and it grants me the following options:

    1.Transfer to another College, after completing an Associate Degree
    2.Get a Masters degree from a Well Know University online program.
    3.Get a job, and then attend to a on campus College for post graduate programs

    Now, great questions are:

    *<since the partnership with Berkeley> do you guys think undergraduates with a Associate Degree from UoP will be able to transfer to Berkeley to finish the Computer Science Bachelor?

    Do you guys think it would be viable to get post graduate studies, from Online & on Campus Master programs of Universities such as Georgia Tech(Computer Science), Illinois(Data Science) or Berkeley with a bachelor from UoP?
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    Unfortunately, nobody really knows exactly what the Berkeley partnership with UoP really means. The announcement said it would be possible for a person with a UoP associate's to transfer to Berkeley. I would write each of the programs you mentioned and ask your exact questions. There's really no other way to find out. I do think there's a possibility both for transferring to a bachelor's program or using a UoP bachelor's to get into a master's program.

    I do know that the stronger your work experience the better your chances, at least a for the GT OMSCS.

    If you look at my sig, you'll see I just finished my BACS at TESU online and got into the GT OMSCS. However TESU is RA and is only cheap if you use lots of alternative credit, which is difficult to find for the computer science area of study.
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    I haven't looked at the actual language in the announcement of the UPeople-Berkeley relationship but it might be a bit strong and misleading to refer to it as a "partnership."
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    Davewill already rightfully pointed out that we have no idea what this really means. If it's anyone who meets certain criteria then that's a lot more interesting from if there are just a few spots at Berkeley designated for UPeople students.

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