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    Check out Old Dominion University's online BS in Computer Science: Computer Science - Old Dominion University

    The tuition is $263/unit, so if you took 3 courses (9 units) in Spring and 3 courses (9 units) in Fall, the total for the year would be $4734. The school is fully accredited, totally respected & the degree will be accepted everywhere. I would also recommend that you look at local state universities in whichever state you live in. Oftentimes they will have the best prices and a majority of these state schools now offer their programs online.
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    I think the best option is for you to go with University Of The People

    Here's why :

    1) They are in the process of getting Accreditation from DETC (US govt. approved agency) (They are in the process of initial accreditation as confirmed by DETC Website)
    2) They already have approval from US Post secondary education council.
    3) They are backed from UN (United Nations)
    4) They are real and won't just disappear. They have recently got $6 million in funding from the founder. They usually do donation rounds and get more than expected target. For example : just few days back, they started a donation campaign to get $250k, they got more than 350k.
    5) Degree is free. Currently you just need to pay application fee. That's it.
    6) They have tie up with other universities like NYU & Yale
    7) They are also starting industry/company tie ups (for example : HP)

    Thus, if the university gets accreditation then it is currently a best option for B.S in computer science/business.

    This job market will always require a master degree. Thus, why not save money in getting bachelor degree and save for master's degree.
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    Thanks, but it'd probably cost a lot more than that because study materials aren't included (at least I don't think they are). Also, would 6 courses per year allow me to finish at a normal time? I don't want to take an extra year or two.
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    You can actually arrange for an exam proctor from your local college or library or even the Philippine Embassy/Consulate.
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    What are the other university which are good for computer science.
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    Computer science or computing science designates the scientific and mathematical approach in computing. Computer science is the one of the very professional courses.Education in computer music, data mining, machine learning, vision, and speech with a list of research topics.There so many universities for computer science in all over india.
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    So, I'll toss a hat into the thread and bring it back to the original point.

    For those who want a computer science education but already have an accredited degree (or several in the case of some of our members), this is a viable option to pick up some skills.

    The positives are all that's been said to date.
    1. Accreditation candidate with all the right connections.
    2. Free minus application and test fees which are minimal.
    3. It's a degree program, unlike MITX and Udacity.

    The negatives are that it's not accredited yet. This is a major issue for those looking to get their first undergrad degree, but for a career changer with a degree already.. this isn't an issue. People who would be looking at this degree to begin with wouldn't be looking at a top-flight Ivy recruiting employer.. and those employers they would be going for, wouldn't care about accreditation to begin with.

    Sometimes we get so caught up in the conventional wisdom that presenting the value for the unconventional gets lost in the shuffle.

    I've got a member of the family that's signed up for the CS program at University of the People. I'll check in with them from time to time to see how things pan out for them. (and no.. this isn't a veiled attempt at hiding my own interest and attendance. I'm waiting on feedback from DSU's Admissions sometime in May.)


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