Computer Science degree online with lowest tuition?

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    I have been checking out different colleges that offer a computer science degree online and so far the one with the lowest tuition I have found is Old Dominion University. I know Baker College has a lower per credit rate but they require 190 credits since they are on quarters. Are there any other schools with a lower tuition rate than ODU for computer science. I am aware of some cheaper for IT or CIS degrees, but I am pretty sure CS is the only one i would be interested in taking.

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    I assume you're looking for undergraduate degree. Have you checked out:

    University of Illinois at Springfield's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    Troy University's Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science?
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    My numbers are approximate and assume no transfer or test credit

    Univ. Illinois-Springfield - BS Computer Science
    120 hours x $352 per hour = $42,300 (online rate)
    Department of Computer Science

    Thomas Edison State College - BA Computer Science
    120 hours x $231 per hour (in-state) = $28,000
    120 hours x $331 per hour (out-state) = $40,000
    Thomas Edison State College: Computer Science

    Old Dominion - BS Computer Science
    120 hours x $285 per hour (in-state) = $34,200
    120 hours x $807 per hour (out-state) = $96,840
    Computer Science

    I did my BA Computer Science at Thomas Edison for under $13,000. They take the most test/transfer credits and I did a lot of test credits from a lot of places (CLEP, DSST, Aleks, Straighterline, FEMA).
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    Since you must be in Virginia, you can always go to a community college and then transfer to biggerbucks U. As an example, Northern Virginia Community College offers an associates in CS for around 9K @ $153.25 per hour. That way, your degree will cost $26,295 if you transfer to ODU.
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    If you complete 30-36 credits per year under the Comprehensive Tuition Plan, TESC is a total of $33,580 for non-residents. The annual charge is $8395. The Enrolled Options Plan is for those taking less than 24 credits per year in TESC courses. People who choose that option usually have a lot of transfer credits and/or are completing credits through alternative means (CLEP, ALEKS, Straighterline, etc.). This would make the degree even cheaper. Under this option, you pay an annual enrollment fee of $3,062 and $229 per credit hour. If you plan well, you should only have to pay the enrollment fee for one year.

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