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  1. tenspeed

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    What are the best options? I'm a truck driver that drives 5 days a week. I have some time at home each week. I would prefer to take one class at a time. I'm interested in mobile application technology. I don't know where I can get some sort of degree/training to get into this field.
  2. sentinel

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    I suggest a BA/BS in Computer Science or a BA/BS in Information Technology with a focus on web development. You can teach yourself the development tools for mobile applications and many of these tools are free. When you are on the road do you have access to the Internet at least 2 times each week?

    The easiest route for an on-the-road student might be TUI University as they offer a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with all course materials available on CD/DVD instead of textbooks. You can transfer up to 88 credit hours (22 x 4-credit hour courses or the equivalent) or complete all coursework throught TUI University. The courses are heavy on written assignments and if I am not mistaken have no examinations.

    There are less expensive schools so you will have to decide whether the delivery format (CD/DVD) is preferable to requiring Internet access as is the case with most other schools.
  3. tenspeed

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    I have internet while on the road via a sprint card. I drive Team with a friend of mine so I have a couple hours here and there, but you can never tell when. Is that the only reason why you are suggesting TUI? I'm going to look into their program while I wait for a response.
  4. BlueMason

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    An acquaintance of mine was a truck driver while attending FHSU - we took several courses together and he did the same thing as you - he used the Flying J wireless to connect to school and listened to recordings he made of texts while driving.

    You can attend any institution that offers online degrees, so don't limit yourself.
  5. tenspeed

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    So FHSU is "THE SCHOOL??" I just don't know where the best place to throw my money and efforts at. It looks kinda hokey, but this World College seems tempting. I have no idea though.
  6. Randell1234

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    FHSU is not a "hokey" school. It is hard to decide when there are so many options. Perhaps you can narrow it down like this:
    Major (you got that - IT)
    Max cost or range - under 10K, 11-15K, 16-20K, over 20K...
    Delivery method - I had one school that required I log in on Thursday and Sunday nights at 730PM and that did not work for me. I prefer the get a book, a syllabus, and assigments method
    Discussion Threads and Team work - some schools have discussion threads and you need to log in 3-4 times a week or something like that and the assignments have very specific due dates.
    Do you plan to get a masters and just want a quick BA/BS based on what you know already - there are options to test out of subjects you have knowledge in.

    I found this a good way to break it down and make my choices. Maybe it will work for you.
  7. emmzee

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    In terms of reputation and overall usefulness, FHSU would be better than World College. FHSU has existed for over 100 years and is a state university; World College has existed for 17.

    FHSU is also regionally accredited (the usual standard for accredited degrees) while World College is nationally accredited by the DETC which is still valid but generally considered a "lesser" degree, not in terms of work required or the education you receive necessarily, but it is less accepted by employers or if you wanted to do future graduate degrees.

    From another thread:

    I'm not saying that FHSU is the best/only school around ... I've never attended it ... but from what I've heard here it sounds like a decent option. Here are some other regionally accredited options to explore (ranked by cost):

    Which one is best for you depends on what you want and how you want to study as Randell suggested above with his appropriate questions.
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  8. Good insight. Although I don't drive a truck I travel a lot for work so anything I pursued needed to be pretty flexible and asynchronous in nature. If you know that you can log in every day (or two) and can live with fixed due dates then you have a lot of options.

    Randell's last question is also pertinent. If you are interested in a master's sometime in the future you might want to be a bit choosier about your school. If you just want to "get it done" then I'd suggest the cheapest, most flexible non-profit school for what you need, perhaps augmented by IT certifications.
  9. tenspeed

    tenspeed New Member

    I don't know how effective a degree will be to facilitate a career change. I kinda just want something saying I got the BS in Computer Science too. Cost is always a consideration, but I can afford a moderately priced school. I really like/need as much flexibility and time as I can get. I do have internet though.
  10. A degree will be very valuable, but without experience you'll probably need certifications as well.
  11. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Do you want to focus on networking, PC repair, programming, databases, ...which area do you find most appealing? "Computers" is a big world. It is like someone saying they are interested in "Business" - okay is that management, accounting, marketing,...get the idea?

    If you have little-to-no experience, perhaps consider an AS in Computer Science and pick up a few certifications. The certifications can be more powerful then the degree at times. I would suggest you have a balance between the two. I have an AA with a concentration in computer science technology and biomedical engineering plus MCP+I, MCSA - W2K, MCSE - NT 4.0, Network+, A+, Server+, Security+, i-Net+, and Project+. It makes for a strong combination.
  12. tenspeed

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    I would like to do QA testing, Android developer or hardware repair. The only limitation is I'm colorblind. I'm not real creative either. I'm more of a problem/resolution type.
  13. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I think being creative in hardware repair is a bad thing! You need to be level-headed and logical. Have you taken any computer classes? Maybe buy a copy of A+ Exam Cram and start reading that - it is a great book for repair basics. Don't worry about the colorblind thing because it is not like you will be reading resistor color codes.
  14. tenspeed

    tenspeed New Member

    I took Pascal, C++, and a couple semesters of Calculus years ago. I know I can breeze thru the A+ exam and linux+. Network+ I may need to study. So are you saying I might want some certs first?
  15. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I would say it can't hurt. You should pick them up along the way and sooner may be better then later. Do you have any computer experience? If not, I recommend you get some even if it is through volunteering. I have volunteered with the Humane Society at the thrift store. I would go in once a week for a few hours and test all the electonics that were donated to the store (computers, stereo, VCR's, etc). That counts as experience if you don't have any.
  16. shellym

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    I would like to do MS in IT thr distance learning as I live in India and want to get US degree,please suggest good online university.Also I did my master's in computers in 2002 and did not start my career but now I am interested in starting my career that's why I want to do MS.Will it help me in getting job as I am a fresher with a 7 yr gap in education.Kindly suggest me what should I do?
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    I wonder what happened with Tenspeed.
  19. BlueMason

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    A chap I "went" to FHSU with is also a truck driver - he had a BA from Kansas State U and then went for a B.Sc. in INT from FHSU...

    I am in the process of finishing up my degree through FHSU and my experience, overall, has been quite pleasant.
  20. TechPro52

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    Hot Mobile Application Development Degree (Android & iPhone)

    If you're still looking for online mobile application development degrees and/or courses I have a recommendation. My girlfriend started Full Sail University's Mobile Application Development online bachelor's degree last year and she loves it. She's already made some sick iPhone apps too, and now she's starting on Android. The curriculum includes all the courses you need to go from complete beginner to pro mobile application developer, they even teach you how to bring apps to the marketplace and become a freelance developer/entrepreneur if that's your goal. And you can do the training at night or weekends, whenever you're free. Their online platform is very intuitive.

    We researched the program and got a free admissions kit with a dvd and all the course specs through though I'm sure you can find it on Full Sail's official website too.

    I've been in web development for years and there's so much opportunity in the mobile app dev field, and will be for years to come, high starting salaries too.. Good luck!

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