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    This is a self-paced doctoral program consisting of 10 courses, including a dissertation. There are four specializations available. Most students finish within three years, but some have finished in two years. Tuition is charged at a flat rate by 6-month term. I couldn't find the tuition rate, and there isn't a catalog entry for this program yet. But, the second link below may give you an idea of how much they might charge. I filled out the online form to request more information.

    Doctor of Education (

    21Tuition-Revised-November-2020-Revised-June-2021_Online.pdf (
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    They have a first responder grant, but it cannot be combined with the military grant within the same term.

    Provide proof of current employment or retirement from service as a first responder, including police officer, detective, deputy sheriff, state trooper, highway patrol officer, investigator, inspector, correctional officer, parole or probation officer, park ranger, fire fighter, paramedic, or emergency medical technician.

    Award per term:



    Less than half-time
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    I hate when schools range their rates. Always feels to me like they're doing that to make them look more affordable than they are. I get that sometimes it's because different programs have different rates, but why not just make the effort to post each rate for each program individually?

    My other issue is that they're offering a Doctorate but the information on it is thin at best. Same can be said for other online programs they offer.

    Seems like they don't have their act together with the online arm.
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    It's a very small for-profit college, but it's quite old.

    This school is eerily to South University, just on a smaller scale. They offer a D.Min, which is uncommon at for-profit colleges. They have campuses in multiple states. They also seem to specialize in healthcare programs.
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    I reached out to South College about this program (I live in the Chicago area, but grew up outside of Knoxville so I've known about the school my entire life).

    They're telling me $6,000 per term with the possibly to complete in as little as 3-4 terms. Now, I'm a military veteran so I'd get $1,000 per term. If I assume I have the drive & discipline (I'd like to think I do) and I did the program in 3 terms, I'd be looking at $15k total tuition. That's quite a good bargain.

    But if it takes longer than that, especially for those who are not receiving any other type of grant, the program isn't such a value when compared to other online EdD options.
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    They expect students to finish the courses and dissertation in 30 to 40 weeks?
  7. sanantone

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    Never mind. This program is on 6-month terms instead of 10-week terms like the rest of the university. This program is housed at their Knoxville location instead of their online division. I'm actually pretty impressed with the program after speaking to the coordinator.
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    Wow, the 6-month term is even longer than EVMS' 16-week term.
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    16-week terms are the norm under the semester system. Competency-based programs typically have 3 to 6-month terms when they charge a flat rate for time instead of per credit hour.
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    Thank you, sanantone!:emoji_thumbsup:
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    I'm curious, what impressed you about this program?

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