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  1. VB1

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    Any thoughts on Columbia Southern University's online MBA (eCommerce)?

    Here's what I know...

    1. Nationally accredited via DETC [which is listed by the US Dept of Education as a recognized accrediting agency, and is a member of the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)].

    2. Offers an e-Commerce concentration.

    3. VERY inexpensive --- only $6,300 Total Tuition!

    What's wrong with this picture?

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  2. italiansupernova

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    While I can't explain *WHY* it's so inexpensive, I can tell you that another DETC accredited school, Ashworth College, offers an MBA for around $5000.00 (but it all depends on where you live.. for information on that story use 'search').

    I imagine one reason being is that because of their schedule is open and the distance learning factor itself makes it VERY appealing to A LOT of people thereby reducing the costs. That's just one theory and it could be totally wrong I'm not sure.

    Caution: While DETC is fully recognized, bear in mind that it is Nationall Accredited, so if you aspire to one day obtain a Ph.D at a regionally accredited university it may not be good enough to get you in. This is by no means the rule, but it seems to be the standard. *BUT*, Columbia Southern DOES have an affiliation with the regionally accredited Northcentral University which offers a DBA via distance learning so that may be an option for you. However, I'm not sure of what the terms of that affiliation are. Check CSU's or NCU's website for more info. (
  3. LeeWB

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    I think this is the most cheaper accredited MBA. See others accredited MBA that will cost easily 7,000-10,000 USD or even more. This is consider cheap and good and you got the future for further your doctorate or PhD with their affiliated universities.
  4. amused

    amused member

    Agree with Lee; look, perhaps, at a distance learning MBA from, say, an Australian university. Equivalent to RA, bricks and motar establishment, and no problems about future studies. And all for the same price!
  5. Peter Chin

    Peter Chin New Member

    Recognition is the key issue in Malaysia and elsewhere. LAN (National Accreditation Board of Malaysia) do now allow DETC or NA universities to collaborate with local colleges and thus CSU and other DETC approved universities would not be recognized by government of Malaysia. Again LAN acts on recommendations by MACEE (Malaysian American Council for Education Exchange) and MACEE are not at positive towards DETC accredited universities but only recommends RA universities for joint collaboration with local colleges.

    Unfortunately this put CSU in the same league of universities as Preston at least in Malaysia. As far as the fees concerned, I saw an advertisement by University of New Castle, Australia (LAN Approved and a campus based university) offering MBA for RM25, 000 (around $6,600) and in addition the program is delivered by Australian professors in Malaysia.

    In conclusion if I am student in Malaysia I would definitely choose MBA by University of New Castle over CSU because;

    1 It is approved by LAN and public services department and department of education

    2) It’s not done entirely through distance and offers monthly weekend seminars and professors from Australia are coming to deliver 12 hours for each course.

    3) Continuous guidance from local approved colleges.

    4) Assessment includes assignment and examination.

    Peter Chin
  6. kogaku

    kogaku New Member

    Peter Chin,
    Correction on that. Uni. of New Castle does not have LAN certified courses for their postgraduate. The only LAN certified courses they have is this

    1 Universiti Taylor's
    (Nama Lama : Kolej Universiti Taylor's (Subang Jaya)) A1227
    Bachelor Of Biomedical Science Kerjasama (1+2) Dengan The University Of Newcastle, Australia
    421 (Biology and Biochemistry)

    this is reply from the marketing coordinator

    "The University of Newcastle does not have any campuses in Malaysia. Though we have partnerships with several Malaysian institutions, none of them teach postgraduate courses for us.

    Kind regards,

    Marketing Co-ordinator

    International Office
    International and Advancement
    University of Newcastle
    University Drive
    Callaghan NSW 2308

    T +61 2 4921 8826
    F +61 2 4960 1766
    M +61 408199772
    [email protected]"

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