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  1. sulla

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    They are not offering degrees at this time but they are now applying for federal not-for-profit status.

    Where they involved in any kind of research?

  2. raristud

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    In the future, CPU may even apply for Regional or DETC Accreditation.

    Is Columbia Pacific University their actual incorporated title?
    I would create a parent corporation that focuses on hosting alumni services and distance education. Columbia Pacific University would be the subsidery that will offer academic degree programs ( It is their intention ). The parent company could be titled Columbia Pacific Inc. or Columbia Pacific Education Inc. Just my humble opinion :)

    For example, Capella University is a subsidery of Capella Education Company.

    -- Ray
  3. sulla

    sulla New Member

    Perhaps the owner could have done all that when they were in operation. As for the actual incorporated title I don't know. However, I think that the owner of this school is now operating Columbia Commonwealth University and appears to be doing fairly well as they are now licensed to operate by the state of Wyoming. I'm sure he owns other businesses too but someone with more info can share more input.

  4. Re: Columbia Pacific University Receives IRS Non-Profit Approval

    I am pleased to report that two weeks ago Columbia Pacific University received news that after application and review (a somewhat long and involved process) it has been granted nonprofit status by the IRS - USA Internal Revenue Service.

    Oldtimers here know that I have been actively involved with CPU alumni for several years. That involvement has resulted in a reorganization effort for the benefit of CPU's stakeholders.

    Columbia Pacific University incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in Delaware (early 2005). CPU is not offering degree programs currently. Nor is CPU, at this time, registered or licensed in any state to offer degrees.

    Columbia Pacific University no longer has ANY involvement in ANY way with ANY of its originators/owners from when it was a state approved for-profit university based in California (state approved from 1983 to 1997). Nor does CPU have ANY involvement in ANY way with ANY ventures operated by CPU's original founders. CPU closed its doors in late 2000. CPU has now re-opened to continue serving its alumni base. There is a requirement for approved schools in California to provide such services for a minimum of 50 years after closure.

    Our alumni board of governors, which includes myself, acquired CPU's remaining assets early in 2005. There wasn't much left to acquire. In addition to other assets we now control transcripts, records and other services and the list of CPU graduates. We are currently developing an alumni association and related services.

    What I can report is that CPU's Board of Alumni Governors has been involved in a self study process for over one year. In this process we have been examining, as best we can, what worked about CPU, and what didn't work, warts and all. We are also embarking on the formulation of a strategic plan and examining what other kinds of programs we can offer alumni. Information will be available on our website

    CPU has recently retained the services of one of its longtime administration employees - to assist us in various matters.
    Currently, CPU's focus is the provision of services to our alumni base of over 7000. Our transcript forwarding service is legally incorporated in Florida for those operations.

    Will CPU re-emerge as a degree granting institution? The Board of Governors has not yet arrived to that point in our journey, and therefore cannot provide any information that would be fair to CPU, to our alumni, or to the public. We will provide information as we have it.

    I hope this is helpful,

    Earon Kavanagh
    Columbia Pacific University Alumni Board of Governors
  5. sulla

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    Re: Re: Columbia Pacific University Receives IRS Non-Profit Approval


    I've always been curious about your experience at Tilburg University. Are you currently getting your doctorate by distance learning? If so how is your experience with them so far? Was it difficult to get in? Are their doctorates strictly research oriented or do they require courses before the dissertation? Are residencies optional or mandatory?


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  6. Re: Re: Re: Columbia Pacific University Receives IRS Non-Profit Approval

    Hi Sulla,
    Extremely rigorous research doctorate, at least with my principal advisor.Just as I think I am getting somewhere she lets me know I have just entered the next level on the spiral. It is not distance learning per se but it is an external degree. Residencies are a rewuirement. I have had two and really need another soon. You get in through a prof who becomes your "promoter". The promotor gets another promotor and both work with you. After they feel your work is ready, it then goes to a committee of several which includes an external examiner. When all accept your dissertation you get to defend it. The defence includes the Dean, profs, some committee members, and the chief academic officer ("rectus magnificus" or something like that). No courses required, BUT you have a lot of meetings with your advisors and independent studies are put tohether which support your dissertation. They do not count as courses on a transcript. The doctorate is a research doctorate. But this one is based on having years of practice as a consultant, manager or therapist (or something similar). It is referred to as a "reflective practice" dissertation. If you look up Dian Marie Hosking online and then follow her links about the Tilberg/Taos PhD, you will be taken to the Taos Institute website, where it is explained. I find it very difficult at times and have worked diligently on it sine late 2002.
    I hope that helps,
  7. crawfordzoo

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    I know this is an old thread, but I am hoping someone (@Earon Kavanagh) can answer the question. I tried to go to the indicated website to request transcripts, but encountered a serious malware warning. Is there another way to request them?
  8. Contact Scott Bazzarre - [email protected]

    I was taking care of the website for CPU for several years. My life shifted about three years ago and had no longer any time available to help out. I thing transcripts are still available but am not up to date. Google sometimes issues Malware warnings about websites, seemingly for no reason. It's happened to my personal website as well. It just took time to jump through the hoops and figure out the cause.
  9. Vern

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    A new bogus cpu appears on the internet!

    If past bad history was not enough for Columbia Pacific University Alumni, a new online university calling itself "Columbia Pacific University," with a different logo, has appeared on the Internet. It is similar in appearance to Kings Lake University. The share the same faculty with model photos and claims that they are "internationally accredited" by the Arab Accreditation Council, the Global Accreditation Board for Distance Education, the International Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Education and the Association for Accreditation of Business Schools and Programs. This will make those who hold legally conferred degrees from the former C.P.U. look even worse, after the new school is in operation for a while and is listed as a Diploma Mill.

    They make reference to having "a long history of offering new direction to its students." They claim 10,000+ degrees awarded and 2,769 student enrolled in their M.B.A. program.

    Why steal the name of an unfairly maligned university? Why not create a similar name of a famous reputable school to draw the suckers instead? These people are the lowest of the low. I hope not too many people get scammed, but they will!
  10. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    No wonder its appearance is similar to "Kingslake University." Both are from the same "stable." I believe the name-piracy may be at least partly due to the frenetic pace of devising so many new "universities," most with nice-sounding American names.

    Here is a list of other "universities" accredited by GABDE, including the infamous Rochville, Redding and other red-flag names. I'm thinking all - or at least most - of these schools AND the accreditor(s) likely originate under the same roof (overseas). Check the websites and you'll see many, many similarities. Templates are cheap.

    McKinley University
    Columbiana University
    Fort Jones University
    Nelson Bay University
    Baytown University
    American Gulf University
    Adamsville University
    James Adam University
    Fargo University
    Sanders University
    Port Jefferson University
    Jamesford University
    White Lake University
    Grant Town University
    Kennedy University
    Rochville University
    Payne Springs University
    Arab Women University
    Nixon University
    Nicholson University
    Galewood University
    Queens Bay University
    Bakerville University
    Brooksville University
    Garrington University
    Redding University
    Daylin University
    Pittsford University
    Ashley University
    Madison Hills University
    Barkley University
    Wilford University
    Windham University
    James Harding University
    Kings Lake University
    Pine Hill University
    Hartsdale University
    Redding University
    Camp Lake University
    Mount Lincoln University
    Walker Hill University

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  11. Johann

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    Caution! The above list contains two automatic "embedded links" that could be confusing. First, "M.c.K.i.n.l.e.y. University" - this GABDE-accredited site has nothing to do with the 100% legit, Nationally accredited U.S. distance school, M.c.K.i.n.l.e.y College. Second, "Mount L.i.n.c.o.l.n University" - another GABDE-accredited school that has nothing to do with any legitimate US school with the word L.i.n.c.o.l.n. in its name.

    The GABDE- accredited schools both have dot-com sites in their own names, not dot-edu. That's if you're curious, of course. :smile:

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  12. mbwa shenzi

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    Yes, that's Rochville's Redding, not Suffield's Redding so to speak. The old Redding University was on the .net top domain and had a different logo. Rochville's version of Suffield University also has a different URL and logo.
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    Na condition wey make crayfish bend. :smile:

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