Colorado Tech v. Capella

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    This has probably already been asked and answered, but can anyone here provide their informed opinion on choosing between an MBA or possibly an MSIT program with either Capella or Colorado Tech. Both seem comparable in many regards at first blush. My company has significantly sweetened their tuition assistance offering, so I am contemplating moving up the totem pole a bit in completing my Master's degree. Thanks...
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    In my mind, they are about the same. Both are regionally accredited schools that offer good programs, so you won't go wrong either way. If you have employer tuition assistance, you are very fortunate. I would say pick the school that offers the program you are most interested in and pull the trigger.

    The only other thing I would suggest is to explore state colleges that may offer similar online programs. A degree from a traditional university that offers online programs might be cheaper and would be at least as highly respected, possibly more respected than a degree earned at a for-profit school. However, Capella and CTU are great schools.
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    I totally agree with SurfDoctor. There are many better schools and programs than Colorado Tech and Capella. Why do you want to limit yourself? Since you live in Miami, why don't you check out University of Florida's distance learning Master programs? URL: Masters - Distance Learning. Only going to private-profit schools when there is no other choice.

    URL: Online Degree Search Results: 328 Accredited Online MBA Degree Programs |
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    Here is another great resource - Degree Options

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