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  1. ITmajor12

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    Hi everyone am new to this forum and i hope to get some insight from more experienced folks on distance learning universities.

    I am really interested in CSU-Global Campus They are regionally accredited and they offer the BS in Information Technology which is what i want to do, any thoughts? I spoke to an enrollment counselor and everything seemed to go smoothly but haven't heard from them again and i feel a little untrusting now, usually they are like sharks trying to get you to enroll but i felt that once i completed my application which the application fee was waved and i took advantage to apply now after i received her last email about sending in transcripts she has not answered any more of my questions and i feel i was left wondering about all these questions i have in regards to the program and the school itself.

    hopefully i will hear something this week. Anyway, any recent CSU global campus students? I was thinking about WGU but you need previous experience which i do not get since your doing a bachelors after an associates in general education prerequisites what experience can you get from an associates in prereqs. so WGU is scratched out from possible options. I was really looking forward to CSU- Global so hopefully i hear something, the enrollment counselor explained to me that i am able to even complete the program between 1.5 and 2 years which is great and it is fully online.

    Another question for you IT gurus, can certification exams be taken online or does it have to be at a testing center in person? I was hoping to take these while attending the program and that way have certifications alongside my bachelors after graduation. I understand that WGU offers this with their program but i was told i cant attend their school because i am new to the IT field and have no previous experience in information technology :/

    thanks in advance!
  2. Randell1234

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    I know someone here just graduated with a master from there and I am considering enrolling in a grad certificate. I have not heard anything bad about them.

    I do not know of any IT certs you can do online. I did my MCSE, MCP+Internet, MCSA, A+, Network+, Security+, Server+, Project+, and i-Net+ and they all had to be done at a testing center.
  3. ITmajor12

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    Hi there! thanks so much for your response, i also do not seem to find anything bad on them which is good i like the fact that they are under the colorado state university system and they are regionally accredited as well, i look forward to them so hopefully i will hear from the enrollment counselor this week. Thanks for the information on the certifications, this is one thing that concerns me since it is easier for me to do everything online hence me seeking a bachelors online program. I sought many other online universities but decided on csu global their prices are decent as well as you get that name recognition even though it states in the seal global campus it is fine by me since it is their distance learning campus i take it, but it is still a main school right?

    Thanks again, if you dont mind me asking what led you to decide on them?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!


    Just keep in mind that Colorado State University - Global Campus is a separated institution of Colorado State University - Fort Collins and Colorado State University - Pueblo. However, CSU-Global is associate with Colorado State University System. That means you might have to specify that you have graduated from Colorado State University - Global Campus; that might trigger prospective employers know that you have earned your degree via distance learning.

    As far as certification goes; exams are not online. They must be taken at the testing center via Pearson VUE and Thomson Prometric as your own convenience. Each individual IT certification vendor has its own requirement. Some of the IT certification can be taken online, but the value is extremely low.
  5. EDUSeeker

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    I have two degrees from CSU Global Campus, a Bachelor's and just finished my Master's and I can't recommend them more. They are non-profit which is why they aren't hounding you with calls like the other online schools. They are not part of CSU Like Tekman said, but they are in the same system and the same chancellor signed my diploma. Go for it, you will enjoy your experience.
  6. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Well if you live in a different state (like I live in Florida), it would not take a rocket scientist to figure out the degree was earned online.
  7. CalDog

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    That's generally correct. However, note that Pearson VUE and Prometric operate extensive networks of testing centers nationwide; there is probably one somewhere near you. It may not be as convenient as online testing, but it's not a huge inconvenience for most people either.
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  8. ITmajor12

    ITmajor12 New Member

    It is really great to hear from someone who attended the school, thank you so much for responding! I have a few questions if its alright? Did you have any issues with seeking employment with a degree from CSU-Global? Did employers consider your degree from this school? Since many say that distance learning employers look down on those degrees specially from certain online schools?
    So far so good, the admission counselor responded and she is so helpful! I feel less pressured than i did with other online universities that i looked into. Also, if you don't mind me asking what did you get your Degrees on? So basically they are they same school system just a different campus which happens to be their distance learning campus right? It was a little confusing but this is how i see it, i dont know if i am seeing this right. I plan to start as soon as they get everything including transcripts etc, i look forward to it so far i have not heard anything bad about them.

    TEKMAN, CalDog:

    Thank you for the feedback about certifications i will keep this in mind. I would most likely have to travel back to the US and take them and then come back, i am located in Asia :/

    I have read so much in many places about online degrees been looked down on but now days everything is more online related i don't see why they would see it as a bad thing. For my associates in general education credits some of the classes where only available online and it is a very known university. So i don't see why employers sometimes may not consider distance learning. To many military individuals who move around endlessly this is the best option for them. I am located in Asia with my husband whom is military and this is the best option i can find which is distance learning, i can't wait an eternity to be stationed back in the US and continue my education. I wish employers would understand this too, besides don't you put in as much time and dedication in the program even if it is taken online? They are not easy, i have taken online classes before and your on your own is independence this is what employers should take into consideration too dont you agree? you are on your own to be responsible and do the work.
  9. airtorn

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    My wife did her bachelor's degree through UMUC (partly online/partly in-residence at the local branch) while we were stationed in Europe a few years ago and has had zero issues from employers as we moved from assignment to assignment since that time. Don't stress over the fact that your degree will be completed online.
  10. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    IT certification exams are commonly offered internationally. There are testing centers in many Asian countries.
  11. ITmajor12

    ITmajor12 New Member

    Thank you for your response, i was concerned about whether or not employers would consider online degrees but then again when i try and search for a job online most employers do not mention anything but a bachelors degree they don't say dont bother if you went to certain schools. I guess it all comes down to personal choice and accreditation of course but other than that you are absolutely right, i thank you for your advice it helps a ton! I really look forward to attending CSU and well see how it turns out.


    Thank you for letting me know this, i did not know it was made available internationally since i will be attending a program in the States. I hope i cant find a testing center near me that would be great! Thank you! I will look in to it.
  12. ITmajor12

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    I would like to update this in case anyone else in the future is interested in CSU-Global and seeks information on this university i would be glad to help someone.

    They transferred in for me 68 credits which was great because this meant that i just need to complete the classes towards the program itself. for me this was a plus i could just start the program right away.

    The advisors are amazing they are so helpful they answer every single question from your program advisor to financial aid to biliing. I mean you are not on your own everyone is so nice and helpful through every single step. They do not charge out of state or anything like that they give you the same tuition whether in state or out. They are 100% Online.

    They automatically register you for 2 classes every term, but you can add up to 4 classes per term if you want.

    I am starting classes this Friday, i really like this school so far a lot so let's see what happens. I also got a discount for been a military dependent and there are also scholarships available as well, they are regionally accredited, not for profit, public University.

    A lot of people have questions about the global been on the degree. I was told and on their website it states it as well that in the Diploma it will say Colorado State University System and the seal will say CSU-Global. I don't see it as a big deal, it is a state university as it is CSU fort collins etc it just happens to be their global campus which is completely online. So far am really glad i decided on this University.

    I hope this helps anyone who seeks information on this University, so far so good.
  13. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    CalDog is right on this; also, sometimes it is cheaper to take the exam in foreign countries than in the United States. You must check out their websites: Pearson VUE, Thomas Prometric.
  14. daisy18flower

    daisy18flower New Member

    How would you rate the work load each trimester?

    Now that you have been attending this school for some time how would rate the course load? I have taken online classes before and I understand that it requires a lot of discipline.
  15. JDoop

    JDoop New Member

    Hello! I am planning to start with CSU-Global this Friday and was hoping to get some feedback from current or prior students about the workload and acceptance of the degree from employers. Is everything still going well since your update in July?
  16. HI243

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    For those asking about CSU Global, i currently attend the school and i am on my 4th semester, Although i have not finished i feel i can be of help to your questions. The workload is pretty fair, i find that two classes is pretty heavy for me and it does take discipline because every week starts a new chapter so it is very easy to fall behind but as long as you stay organized you should not have a problem. I found it easier to write down a schedule to keep track of my things, assignments, deadlines etc, but i am going to try to add a third class this semester and see how it goes. I have read in other posts that some even take up to 4 classes which to me is kind of heavy but do-able. I like that the counselors are very attentive and answer all of my questions along the way, specially taking their time to work a plan for my classes. The teachers are also helpful at least my experience has been very good so far. Regarding financial aid, i am paying everything out of pocket so i really can't say much about financial aid other than last time i did contact them they were very helpful in answering my questions. Overall i really like this school a lot, i like the fact that they are regionally accredited and is non-profit, they also accepted all of my previous college credits and they have a well known name. They have worked with me, and i look forward to finishing my bachelors with them.
  17. paggy

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    Yes , IT certification exams are commonly offered internationally.

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