College shuts down in Tennessee with little notice

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    Hussian College shutting down in Clarksville, Nashville, Murfreesboro with little notice to students

    The first week, everything was good, everything was fine,” she said. Then on June 1, Strickland received an odd phone call that the school had decided to give its students an unexpected break and that classes would resume on June 12. But on June 11, the day before classes were to resume, Strickland, got an email addressed “Dear Hussian College Student” that said Hussian, formerly Daymar, is shutting down most of its programs.
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    Ouch, yeah, there are going to be more closings of this type when their finances and student count goes downhill...
    There are so many variables at play for most institutions and they're not able to juggle them properly to stay afloat.

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