College/Majors that are a big waste of money.

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    It is clear that Mr. Thompson must have majored in English from one of these "waste of money" schools...

    in the article, he said that his research was "based on self-reported earnings by individuals who graduated from hundreds of schools."

    I would like to meet an individual, just one, who graduated from hundreds of schools.
  3. sickburn

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    My 'worthless' BA from TESC helped me get a great management position in a top company.

    A person that works for me has a BA in Art. Many people would say that a BA in Art is the same as no degree at all but I heartily disagree. This person happens to be one of my sharpest and most motivated people and is receiving specialized training because of it. The critical thinking and writing skills developed in these 'worthless' programs are real skills that help a ton in the work place.
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    Not to mention, an undergraduate education is really just a foundation of post secondary learning; only thirty or so credits actually go toward your major, which we all know won't adequately prepare you to master any field. Graduating from college, beyond the training in your major, means (typically) you know how to conduct research, you can think critically, you have a baseline of knowledge about the arts, sciences, and math, and you had the fortitude to commit to and finish a four year (or it's equivalent) educational program. Whoever wrote this article, in my opinion, has a fairly small-minded perspective on higher education.
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    Well said :arms: I've done very well with my "worthless" BA and MA degrees. :wiggle:
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    I got my current job with an AAS and two certificates. Then I went out and got my bachelors in nothing. According to a coworker , I'm one step above nothing.
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    That's how I felt when I got my AA in Nothing from Who-cares College. It wasn't much of anything- but it was something, at least! :fing02: Now that I have a BA in What-does-that-mean from Almost-sounds-familiar State College, I have a solid future working in the field of Applied Miscellany :banana:
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    I love Applied Miscellany.

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