College credit for millitary courses!!!

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    I have asked a lot of question on this forum already, and received a lot of info. So I thought I would put out some info to help other people.

    Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation

    If you are in the ARMY (maybe other branches) you can take classes at that are free and accredited by ACE. Free for military, maybe spouses?

    Defense Ammunition Center

    Another one is the It is actually a .EDU There are a lot of courses on this site that are worth college credit. It is also free to all military. They range from basic courses on Small Arms Ammunition, cargo container inspection, to has-mat safety. If you are in the ARMY it is best for you to sign up for these courses through ATRRS so that you can also get promotion points for military education. Double dipping is fun.

    You can go to and find out what the classes are worth college credit. I am not sure what colleges will take these. They are ACE accredited but in the end it is up to the college if they will accept them and what they will go towards. They will also count as civilian education points since they are college credit if you are looking for promotion points.

    I hope the information is easy to follow. If you have any questions just post and I will try to answer them. If you are in the ARMY and want help with the promotion points side I can answer most of those too.
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    The DAC is also available to non-military, but it can be pricey and there are certain criteria you must meet. (mil-contractor, police, gov, armorer) You can contact them and find out more detail.
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    Salve Regina University will accept up to 18 graduate credits earned at military schools, colleges, or universities in accordance with the recommendations made by the American Council of Education and in accordance with the University transfer policy regarding academic performance (e.g., Army Command and General Staff College or Industrial College of Armed Forces; Marine Command and Staff College; Army War College; Navy War College; Air War College; and National War College).

    Also Touro University International (TUI) offers credit for Military Command and General Staff College graduates.
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    Thank you Major for the reply.

    That is one of the benefits of this. This will not be on your normal AARTS transcript. Some colleges will only take a certain amount from your AARTS and all the rest are wasted at that college. This way these courses will end up on your civilian ACE account. Easy to transfer the credits when they aren't all on one transcript.

    Some people may not have this issue, but I have 20 credits recommended on my AARTS transcript and 14 credits recommended on my civilian ACE account. I am glad that I can split them up.
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    KUJO you’re certainly correct regarding the AARTS transcript, but the two universities I mentioned (I’m sure there are others) will certainly accept transcripts directly from the service schools. In fact, though I can’t speak for the other military staff colleges, the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College will only send transcripts directly to the requesting institution; there is no issued to student option regarding official transcripts.
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    Right now I am an E-4. I am not sure if I can attend those schools yet. I plan on going through OCS in about 2 years though.
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    That’s GREAT; I was commissioned via OCS (Quantico, VA) … so I’m a little partial toward OCS graduates. And the military schools I previously mentioned are restricted to military commissioned officers. Even though I am a former Marine officer, I did attend several Army schools (all first-rate) during my career including Command & General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth. I wish you the very best with your endeavor toward Officer Candidate School. You’ll love Ft. Benning. :rolleyes:

    And thanks for your service to our Country!

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