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  1. Cyber

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    Anyone with experience with CityU's cloud computing focused MS in computer systems? The program is partly sponsored by, and the program seem to be totally revamped with new courses (courses in the program are not found in their current catalog). Interestingly, one can't even apply for it yet? Anyone with experience with City U?

    Also, looking for a program - masters or grad cert that offer the following object-oriented programming courses:

    programming in C
    programming in C++
    programming in Java

    any ideas? please share....
  2. emmzee

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    Interesting program, cloud computing will be increasingly important in the future ... this is a 48 credit program, 16 courses, whereas most similar programs are 10 or 12 courses. At $656/credit, the total tuition cost comes out to $31,488 which is not cheap ...
  3. rickyjo

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    That does sound expensive; however, the study topic is fantastic.
  4. My concern is that it ends up like an eCommerce degree in 10 years time - I'd suggest if anything a more general degree with some cloud-oriented courses.
  5. scubasteveiu

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    It's not even a "cloud" degree. They mention it, but it's a MS in CS.

    SOA, SaaS, and "cloud" principles are going to be here for awhile. I think it's a nice offering. The funny thing is most still don't get "ecommerce" and still struggle with the tech and ideals.

    CS 504 Principles of Software Engineering
    CS 510 Compilers for Computer Languages
    CS 519 Introduction to Cloud Computing
    CS 531 Computational Biology
    CS 545 Applied Parallel Programming
    CS 551 Software Development in Cloud Computing
    CS 561 Design Patterns
    CS 570 Software Testing
    CS 580 Secure Programming and Cryptography
    CS 590 Programming for Global Network Architecture
    CS 601 Programming for SOA/SaaS Environment
    CS 610 Programming for Distributed Database System
    CS 615 Programming for Cloud Computing Environment
    CS 620 Programming for Speech Recognition
    CS 630 Global IT Project Management
    CS 640 Masters Thesis/Capstone
  6. rodecham

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    umm I am the dufus here, what's cloud

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