1. warguns

    warguns Member

    It's nice to see CLEPs are still around. In 1966, I took CLEPs in Modern European History and History of Western Civi. That's 54 YEARS AGO, when credit for exams was new I was on my way out of the Marines and had some rake time so I decided to study for them. My fellow jarheads thought I was nuts.
  2. Asymptote

    Asymptote Member

    That’s a great report, warguns! I wonder how much a CLEP test cost back then? Do you remember where you took it (was it on a base somewhere, or a traditional college location?)?

    I also wonder how the questions on those tests back then would compare with the questions on those same subject tests today.
  3. sks972

    sks972 New Member

    In the 80s and early 90s, I took a bunch of CLEP/DSST at a testing center in the same trailer as my education office. Back then it was free all-you-can-eat CLEP and DANTES, including retakes (after the mandatory waiting period). Now the first attempt is funded and you pay for retakes. You wouldn't think a #2 pencil and some time could get you a ton of credits, but it did.

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