CLEPs: College Algebra, Intro to Business Law and Principles of Management

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  1. B.N.

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    Took out three CLEPs last Saturday. :)

    Excelsior gives letter grades to principles of management and college algebra and pass/fail to intro to business law. Even though I felt intro to business law was my weakest subject I decided to take it after the first two tests to give myself the best possibility for 2 A's.

    Well, I got a 74 on the college algebra test, easy A. :) I took calculus several years ago and discrete mathematics last year so it wasn't too tough. I picked up the REA book and glanced through it, just to ensure an A.

    Then I got a 69 in principles of management, another A! I only used the Comex book to prepare for this test.

    Last and least, a 51 in intro to business law. After the first two tests I had some problems concentrating on this test. I had to reread most questions and possible answers and quite frankly ... I wanted to get out of that testing center. I was tested out. I only used the Comex book for this test as well.

    9 credits on one day! Not bad!! I've done better, once I got 12 credits for one test (German) and another time I got 12 credits for 2 tests on 1 day (Natural Science and Ana & Int Lit).

    If anyone is interested in these 9 credits and in ALL three of my study guides/books (REA College Algebra, Comex Intro to Bus. & Comex Principles of Manage.) just send me a mail br_nelson (AT) hotmail (DOT) com
    I live in Europe so I would sell them cheap but you'd also have to pay the shipping.

    I'm getting closer and closer ...
    Just 4.5 more classes and I've got my BS CIS at Excelsior!!!

  2. philosophicalme

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    Good job, Brandon! Good luck in your next 4 classes!

  3. alczar

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    I'm interested in your study materials. Do you have any other study materials available then the ones you just took? I can be reached by pm or email.


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