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    Where can I find the pdf study guides you refer to on ebay? Can you please give me the web address. I might be interested in some of your study material. Thanks for sharing and getting me motivated after a very long break!!

  2. Clep'N

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    Here is the link to Sheryl's pdf's...

    I also have A LOT of CLEP books and materials however, I do not think it appropriate to discuss in open forum. If interested just PM me.

    BTW, what CLEPs are you thinking of taking?

    Thanks and good luck!!

  3. A suggestion for those purchasing these exam books:

    There is no difference in content between the $7 and the $32 books. Save $25 by purchasing the cheaper version and don't stress about their "pass or your money back" guarantee.

    In my experience (CLEP Humanities) the guide was definitely worth $7. I wouldn't pay $32 for it - you can spend the other $25 on a book or 2 from and have more than one person's perspective...

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    I bought the English Comp guide for full price, $32.00, and asked for my money back as soon as I got it. It is absolutely not worth $32.00 and is mostly just a practice test, not much of a review! It's ridiculous that the same person sells it for two different prices on two different sites. I was outraged when I saw the exact same guide on ebay for $7.00, brand new. I could understand if it was somebody else who bought it and was trying to resell it after use, but it is unacceptable IMO to sell your product on different sites for such a huge difference in price. Very shady.
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    I agree that the $32 version is not economical however, I wouldn't say shady. I "believe" what you get is a money back guarantee. If you fail the given exam she will refund your money. I'm not one of the people that buy extended warrantees or any of that type of stuff so the $32 version was never on my radar.

    Did you get your money back?

    BTW, I was paying $5, when they went to $7 I asked her if I could still get the old $5 deal and she responded no. I haven't bought one since.

    God Speed to all

  6. Clep'N

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    Hey all,
    I officially graduate from Excelsior 19Aug2005 with my AST. My last postings ended with my search for which college would transfer the most credits towards my undergrad. Well, as it turns out after Excelsior’s evaluation I needed only 24 more credits for my BST. The following are the exams/credits I need;

    Management Information Systems – (Done…A) Dantes. It only took 12 days to get the report from DSST.
    Environment and Humanity: The race to save the planet (catchy title)
    Human Cultural Geography -- Dantes
    Here’s to your health – Dantes
    Astronomy – Dantes
    Ethics in America – Dantes
    Intro to Sociology -- CLEP

    I haven’t decided which other exams I will take yet. After the above exams are completed I will still need 4 credits (2 exams)

    Thanks again to all that post here and to all that have helped along the way

  7. Clep'N

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    I received my AST in the mail from Excelsior yesterday. Glad that's over, on to the BST!
    I've scheduled the Dantes "Environment and humanity..." and "Human Cultural Geography" for Sept15.

    Good luck all

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    Congrats on what was I'm sure a well-fought journey. :)
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  10. Abner

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    Good for you Clep'N!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Abner :)
  11. jayncali73

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    Congrats, John-

    I just completed my AS with Excelsior too. Now I have to decide either to continue for my BSL or go to law school.

    Decisions, Decisions.

    Good luck on the BST.
  12. scmasse

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    Congrats CLEP'N,

    I am about to finish my AA from UMUC and then transfer to the Excelsior BST program. I finally got my unofficial review back from them and they say I am 41 credits away (18 through testing)...more than I had hoped, but less than UMUC:)

  13. Clep'N

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    Thanks. With regard to my undergrad I had Western Governors as well as Columbia Southern give me a quick look-see and both came back with me needing around 35 credits. With Excelsior I needed 23 total. My IT certs really helped me out.
    Oh ya, the Info Lit course is a joke to anyone with basic IT knowledge.

    Good luck with Excelsior

  14. Clep'N

    Clep'N New Member

    Ok, took the Dantes Human Culture/Geography and the Dantes Environment and Humanity exams on Sept 15 and got results back on Sept 28. Passed both with high A's. WooHoo!
    What I studied;
    The Barren's AP Guide for Human Geography ISBN: 0764120948
    The Barren's AP Guide for Environment Science
    ISBN: 0764121618 and Instantcert
    As well as several websites about the various test topics.

    Dantes Ethics in America is next on the list. I'm scheduled for Thursday.

    Hope this helps

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    Does anybody have a good study technique ?

    I have perused several study tips book and memory aid books...

    I haven't decided what technique will work for me .....

    Reading the "Mind Mapping" technique; I found some instructions easy but require work and effort ......
  16. Clep'N

    Clep'N New Member

    Hey all,
    I got my Ethics in America results back...A
    What I studied:
    1) Various library books

    I have also since taken the Intro to World Religions exam and received the results...A
    What I studied:
    3) Various library books

    I'm waiting on Excelsior to finish my latest evaluation before I can continue with any more exams.

    Hope this helps

  17. Clep'N

    Clep'N New Member

    Well Excelsior completed my latest evaluation today and I need...NOTHING. I'm done with my BST!! WooooHoooo
    As it turns out some of my credits from DeVry covered my remaining Soc/History credits. I have a total of 146 credits some of which are not needed.
    I'm not sure where I'm headed next, most likely some sort of masters degree.
  18. Abner

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    Way to Go Clep'N!!!!!!!

    good job, Abner :)
  19. StevenKing

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    Congrats, Clep'N! It is a tremendous feeling to reach one's goals. Here's to your next project!!

    Steven King, MBA
    aka The Kingster
  20. Clep'N

    Clep'N New Member

    Wow, it's been a while since my last post. A lot has happened between posts.
    I am now a regisered Grad student with FIT. I did apply for the MS in Project Managment and just finished the Fall term with a 4.0. For the Spring term I'm registered for the MIS and PM courses. If anyone has questions about FIT I may be able to help. Onward and upward (I think...) <grin>


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