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    Hey guy I am new here and have been reading posts for a while
    now I had one question that I couldn't find an answer to
    whats the CLEP testing center security I mean from what I read its all about cheating and so on but how is it with identity as far as someone else taking a test for you

    No I have no interest in getting someone to do it, but as I was used to the "normal" system so far and have just found CLEP and co. it seems like a pretty easy thing to do or am I wrong?
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    punoɹɐ ƃuıƃuɐɥ ʇsnɾ
    If you try to cheat on a CLEP, you will instantly be neutralized by armed guards and taken to an undisclosed location where you will be made to forever regret your decision to game the system.

    Unless you are suicidal, or plan on a future career as a circus freak show, I wouldn't suggest that you do anything even remotely worthy of finding yourself in that undisclosed location.
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    I've always had to show some form of picture identification.
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    I have always had to show proper ID for CLEP or DSST exams.

    Go take the GRE exam. They copy your ID, take your picture, take your fingerprint, lock up your belongings and use a metal detector to check you for electronics. It was serious business. If you exited the room during the break to get drink or use restroom they used metal detector again on your way back in.

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