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    I have a chance to get a second bachelors in Information technology management and I only have to take couple classes. I was wondering how many of these classes can I clep out of. It would save me so much money to clep out of these classes and I could graduate faster!

    heres the list

    general education

    public speaking
    Intro to statistics
    economic - macro
    economics- micro

    IT mangement core

    research design
    financial accounting I
    financial accounting II
    finanacial management
    bussiness management
    bussiness systems
    bussiness writing
    Intro to marketing
    project planning
    bussiness policy
    Applied Studies in IT management
    Analysis of IT management systems
    Senior seminar in management

    I have some already but if I could some how clep out of half or more it would be a lot cheaper for me an I would also graduate sooner any help would be appreciated !
  2. codekiller

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    does anyone know where i could find out which ones i can clep out of ?
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    For a list of CLEP courses, see:

    Each school has different policies with regard to which CLEP credits you can earn, and how many (max) you can earn. They also each have their policy with regard to which CLEPs they will accept for credit against a degree plan.

    I see the following potential CLEP opportunities: algebra, macro, micro, accounting, and marketing. There may be others - this is off the top of my head.

    You may be able to take DANTES exams ( for public speaking and statistics. Again, there may be others.

    You may be able to take TECEP exams ( which many colleges accept. You can take a TECEP for statistics, business policy, and many other courses.

    I would spend some time researching at the sites I've listed above, and continue searching the boards here.

  4. Here's my take on it. A lot depends if the school accepts CLEP/DANTES/ECE for meeting your requirements.

    algebra - CLEP
    public speaking - DANTES
    psychology - CLEP
    Intro to statistics - DANTES
    economic - macro - CLEP
    economics- micro - CLEP

    financial accounting I - CLEP or DANTES (perhaps)
    finanacial management - DANTES Finance (maybe)
    bussiness management - CLEP (maybe)
    bussiness writing - DANTES offers Technical Writing
    bussiness policy - ECE (until end of Sept)

  5. codekiller

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    Thanks guys!

    I havent called the school yet but Im sure they wont have a problem taking them a friend of mine had clep out of his gen ed at the school when i had gone there to get my associates so i know they take them. as for study material I found this site is this a good place to start for study material what other books or material should I be looking at to study for these tests.
  6. This is the website for the guides that are also sold on eBay by Xenia34 for $6 for a downloadable .PDF (don't bother with the more expensive "pass or your money back" version - it's the same guide). I used the Humanities guide and it was worth the $6.

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    Thanks guitarmark!

    I have another question. where can a person take dantes tests? I found a testing center for clep test but not dantes do you know a website that list dantes testing sites ?
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    You can test out in most of them using a combination of CLEP, DANTES, and ECE. Read BA in 4 Weeks (the definitive guide to earning a degree by examination) and make use of the relevant links on the Critical Resources page (for listings of prep materials, exam bookings, DANTES test sites, ECE test sites et al). You'll find an exam difficulty index, book recommendations, and insights into tackling individual exams in other sections of the site. Poke around.

    Best of luck.
    Lawrie (who earned 192 semester hours credit and two regionally accredited bachelor degrees by testing out)

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    It is up to the school you are transferring the credits into to decide whether you can CLEP out of courses. Your school should be able to tell you if they will accept CLEP credits, which CLEP tests they accept and which courses you will receive credit for.

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