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    This is my feedback from June 2008 FWIW:

    I went through the InstantCert questions 4 times. The last two times at random. When I do the questions the first time, I take written notes on what I miss and read not only the IC explanation, but read the topic in another resource, and review cross-references. I used the Barrons book by Montana, and the website for Management 9E by Robbins & Coulter. I've also been in management for over half my working life, and have taken numerous classes, read books, etc. Even so, there were things in the IC flashcards and my reading that were new to me. I took 2 of the 3 Petersons and scored 87 and 91; I read up on my correct answers and my misses. Petersons question style is a lot like the exam.

    I encountered no 'surprises' on the exam and found myself with time to review all my answers for fat-finger selections and a go back over a handful of questions I marked for review, and still finished early with a 77. What I found is that -- along with a few obviously-wrong answer choices -- most questions had one answer choice that looks like it could be right and makes you stop and think (in addition to the correct answer). Being an introductory-level test, it's very doable, but I wouldn't try to fake one of these on a subject I know nothing about.

    I would say InstantCert is enough to pass the test, if you read the explanations and truly "get" the concepts. The Barron's book by itself would also do the job. I put in the effort for a high score because my experience gave me a head start and I plan to take the ECE Org Behavior exam, which is rumored to be pretty challenging. This is fun! I can't wait for Intro to Sociology, day after tomorrow.


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