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  1. Jeanine

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    Hi! What do you think would be the best study book for someone who has not taken math in over 15 years? Is it even possible to pass the CLEP math with no college math experience??? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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  3. seekinghelp

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    I've had college math 8 years ago. COSC doesn't want to count it so I started looking at the clep for college math and worked a little on practice tests. I have forgotten all I learned. So now I'm down to protesting their not taking the math I have. Have written a pretty good argument that I hope works. If not, I'll be looking for something somewhere but I don't think it will be the clep. I still have the same test taking anxieties I had when I took the subject in college just 8 years ago just fooling around with sample tests. If you haven't had any math in 15 years you may experience the same thing. I truly believe I have discalcula, just can't do it so I may be looking for an actual class, hate to, but may have to. Don't mean to discourage you. Get some practice tests, see how you do, it will tell you what you know and what you don't.
  4. Jeanine

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    Thanks for responding. It sounds like math is an issue for a lot of people. I was hoping to hear that it is possible to pass the CLEP or that a certain book really helped someone....oh well. Thanks anyway.

  5. seekinghelp

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    Lots of people on here have passed the math clep. And some of us are math-phobic. Try taking some sample tests, you may do better than you think. Don't give up before you try. But I would suggest if you haven't taken ANY other cleps, to start with something more natural to you than math is. Best wishes.
  6. Orson

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    START out with the review in Princeton Review's CLEP book; then you know what you need to know.

    Next, use the Comex volume "Review for the CLEP General Mathematics." It is dated, but very good on many basics like logic, rules of exponents, sets, and other matters. I only studied about half of its 170 some pages.

    On algebra, there is a lot to know, and some (perhaps lots) one need not know or else can learn better elswhere.

    Then you're ready to mock test using the PR CLEP sample exam. That ought to build comfidence for what you do know, and then you can address what you missed using its detailed answers.

    Now, if you haven't got the score you want (or need), review further or add new material. Then you can mock test using the Official CLEP Test book. (It's shorter than the real thing, and lacks the detailed explanatory answers of PR's excellent sample exam.)

    At this point, most of us math-laggards are happy and get a decent score (58 for me); others, however, may need to do more because these self-review and self- initiated learning regimes don't work for this subject matter.

    Then I'd suggest the wonderful video tapes at - although others swear by the Standard Deviants series you can get at Otherwise class room instruction or first person tutoring (go to your nearest Community College and find their bulletin boards or student newspapers).

    Good luck! You can do it. Many of us have.

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  7. Jeanine

    Jeanine New Member

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I really appreciate it. :)

  8. dmprantz

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    Not to sound conceited, but I'm a math wiz, so none of the the exams were a problem for me....that said, I still used review material and aced both the general math and the College Algrbra CLEP exams. I used The College Board's CLEP guide (for a practice test), the Cracking the Clep book, and REA's BEST book for College Algebra (study material and three more practice exams) for both exams and aced them both. I'm selling all of these books used (and cheap) so if you're interested, PM me.

  9. Jeanine

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    Thanks for replying. I wish I was a math least for one day. :) Anyway, I need to take the college math CLEP. Do your books focus on that one or the College Algebra CLEP?

  10. Myoptimism

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    Hi Jeanine,

    If you have a basic grasp of high school algebra II (or even if you used to have a basic grasp of it), the math section of the Princeton Review "Cracking the CLEP" book is sufficient to pass the college math - general test.

  11. Jeanine

    Jeanine New Member

    Thanks Tony! I appreciate your advice. (It also made me feel a little bit more confident) :)


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