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    I scored a 73 on this today. I thought there was a lot of emphasis on exchange rates and their influence, currency appreciation and its effects (my weak areas), and the like compared to the percentage on the exam outline. Not nearly as much on AD/AS or GDP as I would expect given their importance to the subject. Lots of questions on the basics asked in different ways.

    My preparation: I initially started studying for Macro in August of 2008, while I was prepping for Business Law. Bad combo -- it slowed me down and, in addition, I had trouble grasping the economics concepts at first. I used Idiot's Guide, InstantCert, Barron's, then used Mankiw for a while (more friendly to read, but also more long winded) and the AmosWeb site. Big thumbs-up to AmosWeb! I also downloaded the plain-language "Introduction to Economics in 5,000 words" at the bottom of this page which I recommend anyone new to Econ get hold of. Content-wise Barron's has everything you need, but so densely (and tersely) packed that other sources helped me understand.

    Some family stuff came up, delaying me further. I began to wonder if I should just take the class. Late September I started a distance course in Data Communications, got busy and decided not to take the Macro CLEP at that time, which was probably a mistake, as I was scoring well on the Peterson and CLEP practice tests. I must have learned it pretty well, because when I set out to take the exam this July, I went back to my notes from before, and really didn’t review that intensively. I scored 68/80 on the 3rd Peterson two days ago, and I reviewed all the topics I missed questions on for all 3 Peterson tests.

    On to Micro on the 27th.
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    My son passed Macro today - he passed with a 53. (Take the score with a grain of salt, he's a good kid, but he's also a procrastinator).

    His econ textbook was Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell, and he reviewed the Economics Cliff Notes yesterday before the exam.


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