CLEP language tests - how does computer work? (Spanish, etc)

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    Have to take a spanish test in 2 days - i'm wondering, what is the computer program like for the CLEP tests?

    I'm told they're all computerized now, so i'm looking for the specifics of how the test works so that i'm comfortable beforehand.

    I have the REA guide, but obviously this is on paper. So, i'll ask all my questions, referencing what i've already been told.

    First of all, what were you allowed in terms of scrap paper, pens, pencils, etc? Was anything given to you?

    I'm told the first part is listening comprehension, which asks a question, then gives four answers - this is all listening, nothing written in front of you. How do you "mark" the answer on the computer? Is it with a mouse, do you press the letter "A" on the keyboard, etc? At the end of the time for that question, does it go onto the next one automatically, and if you didn't answer in time, no answer is recorded? Or could you take a second or two after the next question starts to complete your answer? In general, could you tell me how this works? Is there a timer on the screen or anything?

    I'm told the second part is listening comprehension where you hear a paragraph, conversation, etc. I'm told that the questions will be written on the screen, along with your answer choices. What does the computer screen look like while the conversation is going on? Is the first question displayed the whole time? Can you see the second, third, fourth question, while the conversation is going on? Can you read the question on the screen, along with the answers while the audio is playing? Is there a time limit on each question, or is it based on the number of questions? Is there a timer? If you have to answer 4 questions based on one section, how do you know how much time you have to answer them? Does it automatically go to the next question? In general, could you tell me how this works?

    I'm told the next section is reading, short sentences where you have to pick one answer to fill in the "blank" in the sentence. Is there a time limit on each individual question, or is it based on the whole section? Can you go back and answer a question you skipped? Can you skip questions? In general, could you tell me how this works?

    I'm told the next section is reading longer sections, then filling in multiple blanks in that section. How exactly is this displayed on the screen? How is it timed? In general, could you tell me how this works?

    Finally i'm told the last section is reading longer passages, then answering multiple questions based on what i've read. Is the passage displayed the whole time you're answer questions, or do you get to read it once, then have to answer from memory? How is this timed? Are you given a certain time for each passage, or each questions, or is the whole section based on one timer? Can you see both the passage and the questions at the same time?

    Are all three reading sections based on one timer and you just have to keep moving, or does each of the three sections have a timer, or each question, or? How does the timing work?

    How many questions total were there? It looks like 130 based on the practice tests i've seen...does this sound right?

    Were you given your raw or scaled score right away? Who gives this to you?

    Anything else you could tell me that would prepare me for the schematics of the test?

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