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  1. tgrusso78

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    I ended up delaying my enrollment at Excelsior due to me running up against the course enrollment deadline. Good news is I got my first CLEP score back. I got a 71 on the Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP. More than enough for simple credit. See my earlier posts for more information on that exam, or feel free to PM me.
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    Well done tgrusso78,

    Keep it up!

    Since you did so well on the IS&CA CLEP, you may want to consider taking DANTES Intro to Computing as well. There is substantial overlap between the two exams, but they are different enough that Excelsior awards credit for both.

    Please keep us updated as you continue on your journey,
  3. tgrusso78

    tgrusso78 New Member

    I had discounted that one as one that wouldn't be counted because it was the same as ISCA. Another thing I have that would keep me from taking it is that I have my MCSE, A+, and Cisco CCNA, so Excelsior may evaluate those and determine I don't need the Intro to Computing DANTES. If I can take it for more credit, I will. Thanks for the tip though.

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