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    So here's the short story: (and I'm new here Ahoy!)
    I was home schooled for nearly my entire life and my senior year my father passed away. It changed a lot of things in my family and in my personal life over the past couple of years. I'm sure some of you can imagine.
    In any case I have a GED now and I'm looking into what kind of accelerated options I have available. I'm looking at in state colleges as well as out of state like TESC and the rest of the Big Three.

    I plan to accelerate as far as I can through alternative methods of obtaining credits like those listed here.
    My main concern as of this moment in the planning stage of all of this is: Will FAFAS count credits that could be applied towards a degree but not for the one I am currently enrolled in?
    For example what if I take a bunch of CLEP and only half of them end up actually being applicable at the school & program I eventually select. Will FAFAS count all of these? Or only the ones towards my degree program?
    I'm really interested in taking a lot of the FEMA courses for my own personal enrichment and if I end up going to TESC then I can get them transcript formally into a credit bank.

    I'm just concerned because I can't really find any information on this and I don't want to jump the wagon and reduce potential aid.
    Newbie question to all of this I know but I could not locate a answer.
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    TESC will only accept part of your tuition based on a Pell grant (Like about a thousand or two). TESC is more than willing to accept FEMA courses, but most will be free electives unless you take Emergency Management or Social Work.

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