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  1. baimad

    baimad New Member

    I'll be taking the CLEP micro and macro economics tests in the next couple of weeks, anyone have any tips????

  2. Lawrie Miller

    Lawrie Miller New Member

    Extracted from BA in 4 Weeks Business Degree Guide second year . . .


    · CLEP Macroeconomics

    · CLEP Microeconomics

    · CLEP Introductory Business Law

    Tuesday, it's the Economics CLEPs (from July 2001 all CLEP exams will be computer based tests like the RCE exams). You'll do them consecutively because of commonality of concepts and procedures. Use Cliffs Quick Review, "Economics", and the MacMillan Master Series, "Mastering Economics", or any other survey of Economics will do, really. I think the performance of the average student against which these exams are "normed", may help you pass these two, in that, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Put another way, have a solid grasp of the very basics, and you will find a little knowledge goes a long way.

    3:00PM "Introductory Business Law". This is pretty obvious stuff. You'll use the same book for Business Law II, Barron's Business Review Series, "Business Law". This exam (Business Law I), is mostly common sense. No sweat. We sit it today to get you primed for Business Law II, tomorrow.

    Lawrie Miller

  3. Orson

    Orson New Member

    I'm Prepping for this myself....

    As one who's prepping for this myself, whose read and studied a lot of econ and econ history, but for whom the analytical and methodical part of the filed too often eludes, I'm using the Mankiw
    Brief Principles of Macroeconomics, and Princeton Review's Cracking the AP in Econ (2002-3).

    The latter later edition is important: there are errors in the earlier editions, especially in the macro portion that can mislead.

    I turst this will be helpful--and goodluck!

  4. Cory

    Cory New Member

    How timely, I am taking these two tests tomorrow (along with the US History I and II tests as well :)

    My wife had a couple of econ books that I studied from using the following method:

    1. Read a chapter
    2. Type up the chapter summaries
    3. Study the summaries to make sure to catch important concepts

    If I had had more time I would have done the problems in the books as well, but I have done all of my studying in one week as a challenge to myself.

    Also, I used an online book that I found a like to from:
  5. dlkereluk

    dlkereluk New Member

  6. baimad

    baimad New Member

    Great tips, thanks
  7. mayerz

    mayerz New Member

    Cory -

    How'd it go with the tests? Were you satisfied with the preparation you received using the online materials?

  8. Cory

    Cory New Member

    Thanks for asking! I just got home, and got A's (based on Excelsior's posted grade schedules) on all four tests. The online stuff that I looked at was well done, and covered most everything on the CLEP test. I used a macro book, a micro book, as well as the online material, so I can't speak for just using the online material, but some of the material was better presented than in my textbooks! I would have had much better scores if I had done any problems, but I suppose an A is an A. :cool:

    Understand MPC, reserve rates, MC/MR/price, lots of stuff on monopolies and perfect competition, what happens if curves shift right, or left, what happens when the Fed tweaks things, etc. I didn't do much with graphs, and so had some trouble as there are a lot of graphs on the test. Like most CLEP tests, some of the questions are amazingly easy, and some of them as somewhat obscure.

    All in all though, eight days of full time studying later, and 12 more credits of new material makes me very pleased with the results. Based on the study materials that I used (2 real econ texts, 1 virtual econ text, and 1480 pages of US History), I don't think that I could have prepared for these four tests in any less time.
  9. mayerz

    mayerz New Member

    Cory -

    Congratulations on your "A"s and thanks for the tips! That's an awful lot of studying to cram into one week!

    All the best,
  10. gmohdez

    gmohdez New Member

    I scored one "A" and one "B", I don't recall weather the "A" was macro or micro.
    What I did was review teh info on the board of education CLEP prep book, take the book exams, no guessing, if I did not know the exact answer, I just typed the question in google and took it from there, I did the same in most test.

    Guillermo Hernandez

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