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    Just a general update since this information is relevant to me and others seeking to do the testing in the South Eastern Part of the world.

    I have been searching forums,emailing CLEP, and basically a whole bunch of institutions regarding CLEP testing in South East Asia.

    Singapore holds Clep/DSST testing through the USEIC United States Education Information Center

    Singapore is not really a consideration for most due to the high prices involved on its Pencil and Paper system. Approximately, $240 plus per exam not including costs to travel and lodging while attempting the tests. And more importantly the waiting period of at least 2 weeks to get your results just made the whole idea lousy. There were also tales on the web of the exams not being mailed on towards to the CLEP office until inquires were made about them.

    India has DSST testing but the people running the test center are terrible. I sent an email twice and spoke to the person in charge of the testing system twice asking for information about the testing policy. Both times he told me he would send me an email to inform me about their testing policy but i have yet to receive any information. This dialog has taken place over the last two weeks and i will be forcing the details from him next week. Its insane when you realize that with two phone calls and two emails the only information i actually got was that they confirmed that they held the DSST testing.

    Thailand holds the CLEP exam at Webster University:

    The email sent to me by them was short, sweet and to the point.
    I would like to inform that Webster University will not be the CLEP Center anymore after July 2013 due to the university doesn't continue the contract with the CLEP Center in USA. Our schedules in July are fully booked. I can not accept any new applications. I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

    Philippines holds the exams via the PAEF. Fulbright Commission in the Philippines

    The people at Fulbright were great with the way they handle the information about the exams. Costs for exams are as per usual paid by credit card. Testing fee is $30 (or equivalent ins pesos) in cash. Only Two exams a day, one at 8:30am and the next at 1:30pm.

    UMUC- Asia

    I found that they had 17 testing centers in Asia so i shot off an email asking about their center in Singapore. Turns out that they don't do the testing in Singapore nearest test center to South East Asia was Guam but the tests were on-base and i sincerely don't see the U.S. Military allowing Foreign Civilians onto a Military Installment. I can just imagine that email

    "Dear General XxX,
    Please allow me on to your military base so i can write an exam. I promise no sight seeing. Yes, I'm Asian but i will leave my camera at home.
    Sincerely, Damnation"

    Anyway i figured that i would be writing my exams in the Philippines but i just received an email from USEIC Singapore. They no longer hold CLEP exams as they are moving onto Computer Testing. I have asked for their exam policy and if its more than two a day it will likely work our cheaper than the Philippines. The computer testing will be ready in the 1st quarter of 2014.
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    Frustrating as India was. The dumbest dialogue i have had so far was with CLEP when i asked if they could point me towards testing centers in South East Asia that were open to the general public. I had to resend the email as they did not answer the first time. At which point they answered my resent email and then sent me another email which answered the first email i sent them.

    This was my query:
    I have been in contact with Webster University, Thailand and was informed that they would no longer be holding CLEP tests after this month and as such i wish to request information on the nearest branch in South East Asia.

    This was their reply:

    We currently do not offer CLEP computer-based testing in Malaysia, or Indonesia; however, we have a limited number of international test centers. A listing of all computer-based test centers can be found on our Web site at Test Center Search | CLEP. Select the “International” tab then the country in which you wish to test from the drop down list.

    Webster University in Bangkok, Thailand, offers computer based testing.

    I really did not know how to answer that email so I just let it be. I mean really, Go to "International" and search for a country. And yes the college which no longer holds exams should be the first place to check.
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    Hi! Have you found any solution for CLEP for students based out of India?

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