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    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the forums so please take it easy on me. :)

    I have 36 credits left to get my degree, and I'm trying to finish them this year. Is that possible? :)

    I need to take at least 1 math, 1 science, and 1 social science.

    Any advice which tests are the easiest? My main concern is Math. I can take any math tests. Which one is the easiest?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    It's very possible to do 36 credits in a year. I did 30 in a summer and I'm no extreme case. Easy is in the eye of the beholder and depends on what you bring to the test in terms of prior knowledge. Generally though:

    College Mathematics is usually thought to be the easy math CLEP. It's a review of math (mostly) below Algebra. 6 credits at many schools.
    Social Science: Intro to Sociology unless you have interests that make Psychology a better choice. Since you need 36 credits consider Psychology too.
    Science: Natural Science, hands down. If you can fog a mirror (and can name the principle involved) you can pass. Also 6 credits.
    Other good choices: Analyzing & Interpreting Literature, Information Systems & Computer Applications, Principles of Management.

    Very important: some schools limit which tests and/or how many overall, or limit other categories. Check with your advising dept.

    There are great recommended study resources on this and other boards. See the College Board website for details on the exams.

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