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  1. xxHannyxx

    xxHannyxx New Member

    I hope to do the CLEP exam of College Mathematics soon. I have bought the book College Mathematics from REA, but I didn't found it very helpful. Can you tell me what books you used for that CLEP exam? What do you recommend?
    Thanks if you can help me!
  2. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    I took that particular CLEP years ago and passed it with zero preparation. Really, it's not hard at all.
  3. xxHannyxx

    xxHannyxx New Member

    Is it really not hard? I studied the REA book and when I tried the practice exams online and on other websites I found it quite hard. :disappointed:
    But maybe the test is different. :)
  4. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    I'm not a math expert by any means, but I found this CLEP to be very easy.
  5. xxHannyxx

    xxHannyxx New Member

    Okay, thank you for the info!
  6. Leherself

    Leherself New Member

    It took me about a month to get through ALEKS Beginning Algebra. Hours and hours of work. Then I got to Intermediate Algebra and gave up after about a week of making almost no progress.

    I needed a non-ALEKS *college level* (arguably, ALEKS beginning algebra is remedial, not college level) math credit for a different school. Picked up the COMEX College Mathematics study guide, studied for maybe 3-4 hours total, then said "f-it" and took the exam. Passed with a 61. This was about 6 months after finishing ALEKS, and with no other math done in between.

    If I can pass it... well, yeah.

    I was much more methodical and paid much more attention to detail than I usually do. I found it pretty challenging, and had to keep reminding myself that I didn't need to get *every* question correct in order to pass (this was nerves as much as anything, I think). I took two exams that day - DSST Intro to Computing, done in 30 minutes, and CLEP College Math which took me over 1.5 hours. But then, as people might have guessed considering my ALEKS experience, I am not exactly a math person. But I still passed.

    The COMEX guide is very quick to work through, and in my opinion more than covers everything you need. If you have more math experience than me (which applies to everyone who took high school algebra), then you should do fine.

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