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  1. mgspillane

    mgspillane Member

    Has anyone any recommendations on study guides/useful books/tests in preparation for the Business Law CLEP?

    Of particular interest would be those with test questions as these seem to fix the information in the student's mind (although care has to be taken not to fix the wrong information!)

    A Google search for <Business Law quizes> brings up a whole battery of quizes, not all directly relevant, but useful in promoting the right approach and frame of mind.

    (Note: If this thread goes slightly off-topic, I won't mind - most of it will be useful to somebody and may promote new thinking and ideas.)
  2. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    I took the CLEP Business Law and found it to be extremely difficult. As you may have already concluded, I did not pass. For me, taking a class in business law was far easier than the CLEP in the same subject.

  3. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    FWIW, istudysmart uses Law for Business 8th by Barnes, A. James / Dworkin, Terry Morehead / Richards, Eric L. - McGraw Hill, 2003
    ISBN 0-07-248826-3
    for the CLEP test. Oddly, they list the 7th edition for the DSST test, Business Law II. Probably because they offered the DSST test before they offered the CLEP test.
  4. mgspillane

    mgspillane Member


    Sorry to hear it was a no go. What study methods did you use?

    Had you used different methods (apart from a classroom or DL course), might you have been more successful?

    Was it a marginal miss or something more significant? (OK a miss is significant in itself, but there are degrees of significance, e.g for a decision to re-sit.)

    Thanks, MGS
  5. alexadeparis

    alexadeparis New Member

    I plan on taking both the CLEP Business Law test and the Business Law II Dantes version.

    I took the practice questions for the CLEP exam before studying and had about 60% right. So it may come down to how interesting the subject is to you, rather than what specifically you study for it.

    Anyway, the text I am reading right now in preparation for both classes is called Business Law and the Legal Environment by Ronald Anderson. This was one of the recommended texts in the Dantes study guide. Although I am only halfway through the book, it seems more than sufficient to pass the test with.
  6. Smith & Roberson's (sp?) Business Law is one of the recommended texts for the DANTES exam. The test is heavy on Commercial Paper, and the text provides good coverage. It's also a sure-fire cure for insomnia.
  7. NNAD

    NNAD New Member

    I'm good at tests. I've passed over a dozen: CELP, DSST, and Regents/Escelsior exams. I've only failed one... Business Law. It was mostly case study stuff, situational decisions, not what you can pull out of a text after one good review.

    Good Luck...
  8. Carlos M. Lorie

    Carlos M. Lorie New Member

    It was difficult, however I had Real Estate background and that made the difference. I passed it with a 54%. It all depends on your own background.
  9. mgspillane

    mgspillane Member


    It is actually my wife, Lucilla who is taking the test. I notice that, coincidentally, NNAD/ D Crosbie is situated in Cambridge UK, where is where I met her and where she was once a secretary with a firm of solicitors (i.e. lawyers!).

    Having worked for a law firm in England is is both a benefit and a drawback, for although the background is helpful, the apparent similarities between English and American law can themselves make for confusion.

    Thanks for all the contributions.
  10. gkillion

    gkillion New Member

    I downloaded the study guide from the CLEP website and took the practice test cold. I got about 70% of the answers correct, without any study. (CLEP recommends that 50% or better is good enough to take the test). I then studied some contract law sites and took the test. I scored 51, which is considered passing, but my school requires 55. So needless to say, I am taking business law this semester.

    If I had to do it over, I would spend more time studying contracts and put less emphasis on the practice test.

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