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    I am choosing between taking a distance course for Biology and taking the CLEP Exam. Can anyone share their success in passing the exam, ie college text, study guides, or test preparation? This will be my first CLEP Exam. How long did you study for the exam, considering it is for 6 credits?

    I have 98 credits and I am more motivated than ever to complete my degree. After I pass a few exams, I plan on enrolling in TESC for the BSBA degree. The comments on this site have been very helpful.

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    Please excuse my bad manners for not responding sooner. This is the first chance I've had to come to the board and post a response.

    I responded in the thread about "what test have you failed" that I failed the CLEP Biology exam by 4 points. Needed 50 to pass got a 46.

    I know that you would like to hear from those that passed the exam but just in case you wanted to know. To study for the test I bought a used version of a Biology textbook at the local community college where I live. (This helped a lot)

    I also bought books called "Biology Demystified" by McGraw-Hill, "Biology The Easy Way" by Barrons. I purchased these books at my local Borders and Barnes & Noble. I think if I remember right they were about $20 a piece. To do practice tests I used a book called "Biology Builder for Admission and Standardized Tests by REA.

    To study for the test I took 2 months because I had the time. I studied and reviewd every section that CLEP listed in their exam description. See the following website:

    I hope this helps.
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    Biology CLEP

    Thank-You for sharing your experience with taking this exam.


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