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    Hey Everybody,

    Was just wondering about the study guides that were available on the EBay website. They are for selected CLEP exams (I am looking into taking the Human Growth and Development CLEP exam). Apparently, it can be either mailed to you or sent to you through a PDF file. I'm not sure if it's just a series of questions placed together from CLEP tests, or if it's a study guide home-made by the seller. Regardless, those who have purchased the item (judging from feedback) seem to be thrilled with their test results. Any info on this or the Human Growth and Development CLEP exam??


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    I just bought CLEP exam in Ebay on Intro to Psych. It is a home-made study guide, there is no multiple choice question. The study guide points out a really important concept of the course. It is only $5.00, I think it worth it. It is better by receiving PDF file, 'cause it much faster than shipping beside no shipping fee.

    Don't forget to share with me...if you need any material from Petersons, I can give it to you...beside Intro to Psych....

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