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  1. Tallguy

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    Quick question , what is the eligibility for CLEP and DANTES , is it open to US citizens only or can anybody go ahead and give these examinations ?

    Thanks in advance

  2. BeateTXL

    BeateTXL New Member

    Anyone can take them. Finding a test center may be a problem, depending on where you are (if outside the U.S.).

    Good luck!
  3. Tallguy

    Tallguy New Member

    Thanks for the info , will probably be in the US so the test center should not be a problem.

  4. Where will you be in the US? Perhaps someone here can help you locate an appropriate testing center.

  5. Tallguy

    Tallguy New Member

    Thanks Guitarmark , will be travelling to San Jose, CA and Stamford, CT. Did lookup the college board and the thomson prometric websites.A wealth of information there regarding the testing centers.

    Besides the above I think this forum should be more widely publicised.For people like me , who are not too aware of the US education system , or the DL part of things outside my own country , this site is like a bible.

    Being a diploma holder from India and not wanting to spend 2 more years completing my undergraduate's degree here, the DL route for universities in US and probably UK are the best for me. Atleast these allow me a lot of flexibility. If you go through my first post which was about ACCIS , this forum has helped me tremendously move towards a better college. Looking at excelsior or Grantham, one being RA and the other NA. As far as I am concerned , both are valid in India since they are listed with CHEA. Working with WES to get my credits evaluated as per the American education system so that I can get some leeway when it comes to the total number of courses I need to do.

    Besides the universities mentioned above the Herriot-Watt MBA is also an extremely good option the only problem being that this is one MBA which requires a fixed amount of time dedicated to it on a daily basis. Being in the IT industry the time part is kind of a problem and I really dont think I would be doing justice to the program.Maybe later when there is a little slack in the projects I do.

    Thanks for all the help .

  6. Will Makeit

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    Welcome to the wonderful of test-yourself-out-into-a-RA-degree...

    Lucky you if you can go to the US to take Dantes/CLEP.
    Here in Europe, for example, it's only possible to take these in London and Geneva at the moment.
    I've done most of my studies through these tests, and this forum has been a tremendous help.
    Also, a good starting point is:
  7. Stamford is a pretty quick train ride on Metro North to Manhattan - there are a lot of testing centers there.

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