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    I'm looking for a study guide. Any suggestions ?
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    AM Govt

    This link is from free university. I used for several cleps
    I also reviewed the Princeton cracking the AP for Am. Govt book. You can find on e bay cheap. this is an easy test in my opinion.
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    Thanks for the title, I just ordered the book from Amazon for $2.04--gotta love it!

    I've cleped Humanites, US Hitory I & II in the last couple of months and I'm now ready to register for the DSST Intro to Business.

    I've been unable to find out how many questions are on the Dantes and if they are multiple choice? Does anyone here know?

    Thanks. :D
  7. Jhastings01

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    Intro to business 100 questions all multiple choice. If you have any experience at all in business you will pass easily.
  8. Deb

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    Complete Idiot's Guide

    I CLEPed American Government with a 76 using two books - the CLEP study guide and Complete Idiot's Guide to American Government.

    The Complete Idiots Guides are actually excellent books for a quick rundown of things. Along with American Government, I've used them to help CLEP Western Civilization I, American Lit and American History II.

    The Free University website is also excellent for a variety of subjects.
  9. trishkeller

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    thanks for the website. It's new to me.
  10. EmilyM

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    I'm also in the process of studying for the Amer. Gov't CLEP. I've been lurking and picking up bits and pieces of information from posts here, and various threads. I thought I'd share the sources I've focused on, also.

    I ordered HarperCollins College Outline Introduction to Government (purchased for $1.97 on Amazon, for a total of $5.46 with S&H) but still have not received the book. In the meantime, I'm taking notes from a few free sources to serve as a basic study guide.

    Outline of U.S. Government -
    Located on the International Information Programs - U.S. Department of State website. This is a wealth of information, and while it is a general overview, it seems to be a very good refresher to bring back all the basics learned in high school. I hadn't realized how much I had forgotten.

    What is Democracy? -
    Also on the International Information Programs - U.S. Dept. of State site.

    The Legislative Process -
    U.S. House of Representatives website.

    Columbia Encyclopedia -
    For basic reference.

    After I finish gleaning the information from these free sources and reviewing the book (whenever it arrives), I am planning to search for further information based on the specific areas that unixman referenced in his "Unixman's CLEP Oddysey :)" thread (namely, Constitution info such as specifics on New Jersey plan vs. Virginia plan, specifics on political parties, specifics of the checks and balances, and specifics on the operation of Supreme Court). I had also planned on doing a little more research of the important court cases (found in the first link, above).

    I'll then be hunting down the various free tests online (just do a Google search - I've run across 7 or 8) to double-check any weak areas.

    So, I'm hoping to complete my study for the Amer. Gov't CLEP for a grand total of $5.46. I'll be taking the English Composition CLEP on the same day, but I'm not concerned about that.

    I've enjoyed seeing the various resources. If I'm not confident in my knowledge base after the various sources above, I'll probably be picking up a few of the resource books previously mentioned by posters. I'd rather walk into the test overprepared than waste my time for a fail.
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    Deb, which Complete Idiot book was it that you used for US History II? Did you use any others? How long ago did you take it and do you remember your score? Thanks.
  12. Deb

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    Books and website

    I used the Complete Idiots Guide to American History as well as taking all the practice test in both the CLEP offical guide and in the Princeton Review. I also used the website for Free University:

    The website was very helpful.

    Believe it or not, I scored a perfect 80.
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    Where did you take your CLEP's? Did you take them at HCC in Plant City or did you go to USF?

    When I tried to schedule a CLEP at HCC they told me that if I wasn't a current student that they could not schedule me. The test center manager told me that they were no longer going to be an open test center. Most schools I have called in the area say the same thing, your not one of their students that can't administer the exam.

    I'm scheduled currently to take 2 CLEPS at USF but they have very little test dates available because they are so full. Everyone knows they are a open test center here.

    BTW, I live on the other side of the county (NW part of county). 2 hours away.


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    Test center

    I took all my CLEP at University of Tampa since I work and take classes there. I'm not sure if they are an open center or not. Check the ETS site and see if they are listed on it.

    I'm sorry to hear that USF is so busy. I was planning on taking some of the DANTEs tests there. The GRE is given at Prometric, which has two sites in Hillsborough, one in Temple Terrace and one in Town and Country.

    If you go to UT to take the test, come to room PH 447 and say hello. The test center is in room PH 409.

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