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  1. EmilyM

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    Good morning,

    I've studied and studied until my eyes are crossed. I'm preparing to take the American Government CLEP exam, and it will be my first CLEP (my first test for credit, period). I am extremely nervous that I'm not properly prepared (I've studied so much that nothing is sinking in any longer) and I'm desperately searching for a few practice tests - preferably free or low charge. I need a little assurance that some information is sinking in before I register and take the stroll up the street to the CLEP testing center.

    If anyone could point me in the direction of some decent practice tests, I would be most grateful.

    Thank you.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!


    Good Morning, It sounds great that you studied hard for the exam. Here are two options for you to get a Free practice exam from Peterons.Com

    choose Free CLEP exam, but you have to agree to receive University of Phoenix's information.

    And register yourself a username and password for CLEP Practice Exam. And email me for the activation code.
    -My email address is [email protected]

    Semper Fi,
  3. EmilyM

    EmilyM New Member

    Thank you very much! I did email you and can't wait to try my knowledge on the practice tests.

    Another related question that I'm hoping someone can answer...
    I have been reviewing the information from this board on the American Government CLEP test, and came across quite a few threads that pinpointed areas of study I should focus on (thank you for all of your hard work!). I'm having trouble with one thing, though... In this thread ( there is mention of some graphs of some sort. Can anyone recall what these might be referring to? In the various study I've done (HarperCollins Introduction to Government, Cliffs American Government, a variety of links off the Department of State's website, and general knowledge from watching politics and our government) I'm unable to think of what these graphs may be associated with. I can't see it applying to Constitutional study, or that sort of thing. Am I missing an area of study I should be paying attention to?

    Any advice is certainly appreciated.
  4. Orson

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    Only one thing to do!


    re the graphs issue - it's pretty much impossible to study for the graphs.

    For instance, you'll be presented with presidential election election results broken down by age, sex, race, and then asked to make comparisions, draw inferences or a conclusion about what the graph means.

    This means reading the label on the graph or knowing what the axes measure. Basic stuff.

    What happened to me on one question, however, was that some answers were equivocal and those that weren't were wrong.

    I complained (to the proctor and ETS), but as you might expect, that august institution disagreed without revealing the truth!

    But fortunately, for the three to five graphs (or more data sets) you have (and there may be three total questions), nearly all will be straight-forward.

    If you have a regular college textbook, consult the chapter on elections and review the illustrations to brush up. I can't imagine what more you can do!

  5. EmilyM

    EmilyM New Member

    Great! Thank you again. If it is simply election data, reading and interpreting charts or the like, I'm confident I can handle that.

    I broke down and registered for in addition to signing up for Peterson's, and haven't done too badly on the fill-in-the-blank format they have, so I think a multiple choice shouldn't be too rough. I'd had the links for a while but didn't know if I wanted to make the investment. I am hoping to sit the test next Friday, and I think I will be ready, between the Peterson's practice tests and InstantCert.

    Again, I do appreciate the advice and tips. Here's to hoping for a pass!

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!


    Good luck with your exam. The activation code was sent to you today.

    Semper Fi,

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