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    Sooooo I just need 3 random credits for something and I discovered the CLEP exams. I want to take the Math or College Algebra but I want to know which one I’d be more prepared for.....I’ve taken Engineering Calculus I-III and Differential Equations. Based off the topic listings I generally know the content that is tested but I don’t know if either of them are going to throw stupid logic questions or bs questions in general like the SAT where you can’t solve them unless you studied the specific way of doing them

    I’ve read other posts and looked at the topics covered (math looks much more expansive) but I just want to know: if you have a strong background in upper division math, which test would be easier to take (? And would it be really necessary to purchase a study guide (I do not have the funds right now lol)
    Or, probably a better question, has anyone just walked in and got a 50+ on either without preparing at all.

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    And by “stupid SAT questions” I mean like “how many triangles are within this triangle comprised of triangles” and “if Darcy put 5 red socks, 4 green socks, and an orangutan in a bag. What would be the odds of pulling out a purple sock” or “for the given statement select all that apply:

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