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    Has anyone ever transfered an AA or BA with CLEP credits to a German University? I have 6 classes to finish my AA and I am doing those last 6 classes via the internet in Germany. I just realized I have to have 2 semesters of a foreign language at the college level but my university dosn't offer F.L. online but I found a military base here that will allow me to CLEP German and my University will honor me the credits. I speak German rather fluent. Will Germany refuse those CLEP credits of a F.L. if it is part of my Associates?
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    I'm sure that will not work!

    What exactly do you want to do?

    I think you want to complete your Associate's degree and then apply to a German university, right? That, however, will not work! Not because of the CLEP credits, they aren't the problem, but because of the type of your degree.

    German universities do (of course) recognize US Bachelor's degrees but they don't recognize Associate's degrees. Something like an Associate's degree simply doesn't exist in the German higher education system. You say you speak German rather fluent. In that case, you should take a look at this website: Anabin Homepage and especially at this subpage of that site: Abschlusstyp Associate of Arts / of Science u.a.

    I think you should complete your Bachelor's degree at an US institution...


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