Class rankings/size at the "Big Three"

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  1. cmt

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    Does anyone know if any of the "Big Three" supply class rankings? This is really a curiosity question more than a "I really need to know" question.

    Also, what are the graduating class sizes of the "Big Three?" I asked COSC and they said something like 450+. I would guess that Excelsior and TESC would be larger.
  2. drwetsch

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    Excelsior College awards between 4000 - 5000 degrees per year. The annual graduation rate has been consistent in this manner for the past 10 years. The current enrollment is over 20,000 students.


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    "Thomas Edison State College’s 31st Annual Commencement will be held [...] Oct. 18 [...]. At this year’s Commencement, the College is conferring 1,621 degrees [...]. To date, a total of 250 adult students from 26 states [...] are planning to travel to Trenton to accept their diplomas. The College has awarded 21,480 degrees during more than three decades [...]."

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