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    What's the overall consenses of thier MBA program? Despite some ealier reservations, after researching, it seems that they once had a strong positive reputation and reccomendations from many Govt. Officials. What I like is that you can get a degree there on almost any topic that you have an educational interest.

    Also, I kind of like the metro sounding name of "City University of Los Angeles". May sound impressive on my resume'. One interesting point is that they keep the LA name but are in HW.

    I realize that they are not RA, but they are state liscenced by HW, and as such are legally able to grant degrees. However, I know that it doesn't make them legit (but that's in the eye of the beholder as well).

    Open to discussions - not insults.:eek:
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    Re: Re: City University LA?

    RJT doesn't seem to care whether or not the degree has any utility. He seems much more concerned about whether or not it has a state license.
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    Why are they worthless now, when once they had a good repuation?:rolleyes:
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    Re: Worthless?

    Why do you say that they once had a good reputation? :rolleyes:
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    Because RJT is trolling, and that's his hook.

    K-W, CULA, Berne, Senior U. ...

    It's a little game that he's playing.
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    You make a very convincing argument.

    I still have a hard time letting his horrible advice stand even though his delivery is ...ah... not real convincing. His advice would just be too damaging if anyone was naive enough to believe it.
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    Plonker, Wanker and ????

    If we call RJT a Plonker, the UK readers will not take any notice of him and his opinions, if we call him a Wanker, no Oz/NZ readers will take any notice of him or his opinions ... what do we do to scare the Americans off - say that he is George Bush's mate?
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    Re: Plonker, Wanker and ????

    Does George Bush's mate mean Dick Cheney or Barbara Bush? Somehow neither seems to match well with plonker and wanker though. Plonker and wanker are nice because it would seem to imply a fair bit of fantasy or self delusion. I've searched back into my middle school vocabulary and have come up dry.
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    The reputation I was refferring to was the one that John Bear mentioned, where there were high level awards, and recognition publications from senior goverment officals in CA on the founders wall. Also, once they were state liscenced in CA. If they were a DM, how come so many awards?

    AS far as my school goes, I am wriing my 75 page APA paper. if you feel that this is not work - think again!!! Like I said more work here than U of Pheonix.

    I do not work for any school, but I am proud of my DL accomplishment!! My accomplishment here is work.

    If I wanted just a Diploma, I'd send in my $195.00 to Instant However, I am attending a state liscenced and I feel respectable school - and offers real course work.
  12. Re: Response


    You're not attending anything.. especially a school. You're sending correspondence to a "shell" address in Wyoming, established in the hopes that CA BPVE won't notice the"administrative offices" in California. This is the same reason they've, as you put it, "chosen" not to register students from California. There's no meaningful academic oversight, no peer review, no published standards for awarding prior-learning credit.. in short, nothing that gives a school credibility, and VERY little that gives it legality.

    Please, for the love of God, don't cut-and-paste KWU's manifesto about the nature of accreditation (you know, the one on their web site that quotes the "Department of Health, Education & Welfare.") I accept that they probably aren't breaking WY law, despite having no real presence there (unless you count the "incorporation service" in that building) and probably being ineligible for licensure on that basis. But they're a joke regardless.

    Given your opinions, I would've actually recommended the $195 "instant diploma." Just as much utility, institutional oversight, and academic credibility. :rolleyes:
  13. Re: Response

    In John Bear's post in this thread on CA-approved universities he said:
    It appears not only possible but probable that the proclamations etc. were addressed to Henry Anderson, not to CULA, and may well have been in response to political contributions.

    And being licensed in the past is meaningless. CULA lost its approval at least seven years ago. Schools can start out good -- or at least with good intentions -- and fail to achieve or maintain quality educational programs.

    Actually, state licensure in the present is largely meaningless. When was the last time Wyoming or Montana even investigated a school, much less revoked a license?
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    And if you REALLY want to know what Wyoming thinks of it's "Private Institutions - Licensed Private Post-Secondary Schools" read some of thier FAQ's ".


    Q. What is a license?
    A. A license is a non-transferable document issued by the Wyoming Department of Education to a post secondary education institution located within the state or located out of state, but whose agents solicit students within the state in the name of the institution that permits the institution to solicit, offer, and maintain a course of instruction.

    Q. What is accreditation?
    A. Accreditation is a voluntary process that colleges and schools elect to participate in. It is not a state function. Accreditation assures that an institution's programs have met established standards for educational effectiveness.
    To insure a basic level of quality, accreditation through non-governmental peer evaluation has been instituted. Regional and national private educational associations have assumed this role. You can access these institutions on the U.S. Department of Education's website at

    Q. Does the state of Wyoming accredit the private schools it licenses?
    A. No. Wyoming does not accredit post secondary schools.

    And yes they do say
    Q. What is licensing?
    A. Licensing is the process used by the state of Wyoming to ensure that the educational institution meets the minimum standards stipulated by statute and rules and regulations.

    IMHO Wyoming Dept of Education seems to want to do something, but has their hands tied by the politicians!
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    Re: Response

    RJT, you're one of three things.
    1. A Shill
    2. A Troll
    3. A naive person that has swallowed the less than wonderful school hype hook-line-and-sinker

    Here's the reasons that I am right now leaning to one of the first two choices. (Please correct me where I've misunderstood.)
    You said that you worked for a Fortune 500 company and they had evaluated the K-W program and had approved it. Yet you refuse to tell us the name of this company. For a newbie to the forum you've already started up a large number of threads. This is more the behavior of 1 or 2 rather than choice 3. You claim to have years of experience working in human resources yet your posts are barely legible. You post copies of K-W advertising hype as proof that K-W is a great school and then in the same post claim that I'm biased. You claim that CULA had a great reputation. You apparently claim to have Bear's Guide but apparently haven't understood much of anything that you've read in it. You made a very lame excuse for not wanting to send me a copy of the K-W catalog. You keep pushing the virtues of having a state license yet you haven't named any advantage to a state license and you pigheadedly ignore everyone telling you that a state license doesn't mean squat when you're talking about school quality. You refuse to address details of graduation requirements from K-W. You seem to support many less than wonderful schools like K-W, Berne, CULA, and Senior U. You ignore questions whenever convenient or even inconvenient.

    However, it doesn't really matter if you fall into category 1, 2, or 3 because the bottom line is that the things that you are saying could mess up the lives of people if they were naive enough to believe you.

    Now in the off chance that you are choice number three, :eek: let me leave you with these two thoughts.
    1. ONLY less than wonderful schools do things like give 60 credits to people that claim to have 5 years of work.
    2. I have not lied to you. Everyone has only been speaking the truth. I guarantee to you that if I said something that was incorrect and pertinent someone would correct it. I do not consider myself a distance learning expert but a good portion of the people reading this forum are experts in the area.
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    What's the technical difference between a shill and a troll? And is "shill" spelt "schill" auf Deutsch?

    Nosborne, JD
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    Isn't a shill someone in a casino who works for the house and keeps winning to show everyone how easy it is.

    I believe a troll would be classified as a poo disturber.

    Schuel most definitely but then I don't speak a word of German.
  18. Bill Huffman

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    I used the word shill from the dictionary. What I meant was, a shill would be a plant by KWU. Someone to try and stir up positive interest in KWU and perhaps get some new students.

    A troll would mean someone that is trying to just stir things up and would probably just get amusement out of it. This is from the common usage of the word troll on Usenet. Typically a troll will say things that they may not even agree with just inorder to "stir the pot" and see what happens.

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